April 12, 2012

Exposing my dirty little secret…..

Many of you have asked to see my kitchen. You have all seen pics of the rest of the house, huh? Well there is a reason I do not show it. You see my kitchen belongs in a Country Themed Showhouse. It. Is. Awful. The house was completely renovated before we moved in with a “Tuscan Love” meets “Hill Country Hideaway” theme. The finishes are very high quality, and someone worked hard, but I hate it. We have lived with it for 3 years while I have pondered what exactly to do. I have gone through a lot of different plans and nothing has ever “stuck”.

Here is the problem. Our living space is completely open. Therefore, the kitchen/living/dining/breakfast/entry is all one area. We also have 30 ft ceilings and a “big ass” stone fireplace that is smack in the middle of all that. There are exposed beams that are stained a rustic brown and the floors are handscraped hardwoods. As you know, I love an eclectic decor, so the fireplace and exposed beams are fine, but we have to do something with the kitchen.

My ideal kitchen is all white and grey with Carrera marble countertops and lots of shiny chrome hardware. Unfortunately, the starkness of that design will not work in our home. I need something with a warmer tone to better match the feel of the open living space.

So are y’all ready to see the kitchen….


Im starting to sweat…

I have to do it…

Here it is…..

No, thats not the Cracker Barrel, thats my house.

The best part you ask? The picture I am about to show you is the a picture of my arch nemisis. It stares at me every time I walk by taunting me to buy a power sander.

A carved vine!!!!!!!!!!!! Argggghhhhh!!!!!!!! What's next? Faux greenery above my cabinets?

I finally have Ben on board with a little change. I actually want to reconfigure the whole room, but he is a no go on that right now. He has agreed to paint cabinets, add hardware and change out backsplash. So on that limited budget, what do all of you think I should do?

You can see pictures of my home and the rooms that the kitchen opens to here .

I found the following inspiration pics on Pinterest. I am leaning toward the last one, without the fancy tile work over the range.







I’d love you all to weigh in. What do you think? Help!

Have a great week!


March 30, 2012

Easy Easter Project – Egg Wreath

Most of you are way more crafty than I am, so this post may be kind of juvenile to you, but thought it was worth a mention. Caroline and my mom had gotten all these foam eggs and foam Easter stickers from Target a few weeks ago. In our house, we can do “stickery” as she calls it, for hours. So they decorated all these eggs which left me with a dilemma. Do I tape each egg up to the wall? Do I make something more sturdy with it to theoretically keep forever? or…Do I toss them? I chose the “good mommy” answer and decided to make a more sturdy decoration.

We headed out to Hobby Lobby and purchased one of their straw wrapped wreath forms to glue the eggs on to. I then picked up two spools of Spring color grosgrain ribbon to use as accents. I did a quick wrap with the pink and then we began hot gluing the decorated eggs to the form. The wreath looked a little bare, so I then hot glued more of the accent stickers in all of the blank spaces. Caroline picked where they would go and I was the official gluer. I think it turned out pretty cute for a quick project and I highly recommend the craft for 2-7 year old kiddos, they will love the initial “stickery” on the eggs!


Started with Target foam Easter stickers


Caroline's favorite egg she decorated 🙂


Hobby Lobby wreath form with grosgrain ribbon wrapping.


Just the large eggs glued to wreath. Looked a little bare to me.


Finished project!


Have a great weekend!



March 29, 2012

Where did she get that?


I love when people come into our home and ask me where I got this piece or that piece. I usually have an unexpected answer like Craigslist, or even Walmart. Actually, its unexpected to some, but completely expected if you truly know me. As I have said before, my first job is a stay at home mom, so I have to be creative with my design budget. That being said, I don’t settle, ever, and am constantly on a quest to make my home exactly “right”.

In my opinion, a home should be a reflection of its owners style and life experiences. Ben and I have lived a lot of places in our lives and are lucky to come from parents who really value travel and therefore took us all over the globe when we were young. Both of our upbringings shaped us into the people we are today. We both have a very, very, very diverse group of friends, and interests, and our house absolutely reflects that. I say all that, but in reality, if I were not in the picture, my sweet husband would probably have a room straight out of the Havertys circular, complete with the biggest TV he could find. I am lucky though that he appreciates tolerates, my sense of style. Not that it is without the occasional eye roll.

I definitely have an eclectic style and love all colors, except purple. (As a side note, I am inherently suspicious of people whose favorite color is purple. Similarly, I am also suspicious of you if you prefer cats over dogs). I never purchase something because it matches. I only purchase items I love and if you love something, you will find the perfect place.

So below I have chosen a few vignettes to showcase and answer the question ” Where did you get that? “. Enjoy.

Front Foyer. photo by Carter Rose.

  • Draper Chest – Craigslist
  • Lucite Chair – Sketchy garage sale on the wrong side of the tracks, with chain link fence and pitbulls. Yikes.
  • Cushion on chair – Standard size bed pillow from JCPenney covered in an Urban Outfitters rug. Yep, a rug.
  • Black/ White Greek Key pillow on chair – H to the Goods.
  • Cowhide – Found a cowhide dealer on Craigslist
  • Foo Dog Lamps – Craigslist (Can you believe it?)
  • Gold Mirror – Was my grandmother, Bebby’s.
  • White perforated screen behind mirror – Some of you DFW girls may have gone to the crazy lady’s warehouse in Fort Worth who advertises mid century furniture and cowboy boots. Well this came from her and I got the hell out of that rat hole!
  • Turquoise Plates – Estate Sale


Living Room Looking Out to Backyard. photo by Carter Rose.

  • Sofa – The sofa is the Axis Queen Sleeper in Iron from Crate and Barrel. It was actually a hand me down from my friend Jackie. I bought it from her because they were not wild about how firm the down filled cushions were. I actually like firm sofas, and a plus was that this was also a pull out.
  • Sofa Pillows – These pretty girls came from my sweet friend Emily’s booth at the White Elephant in the Design District. You may remember Emily from this post on her home.
  • Ottoman – Purchased at Ballard’s Backroom in Atlanta. Underneath the slipcover is a really ugly Cabbage Rose print and my sweet dad added casters to the bottom. I had the slipcover made for hardly anything from a fabric I found at a fabric store in Montgomery, Alabama. It has since gone out of business but I still love that zebra and wish I could find it again.
  • Throw Blanket – Hey big spender. This was a whopping $12.99 at Ikea. I am not sure they still sell this style, but I fell in love with the Jonathan Adler look of it 🙂
  • Coral Lamps – H to the Goods.
  • Balloon Shade – My friend Kerrie Davis made this for me. Kerrie has an awesome window treatment business and can provide anything from fabric panels to plantation shutters. Email me if you would like her info 🙂
  • Peacock Wall Hanging – White Elephant Antiques in the Design District. This was an anniversary gift from Ben. When he asked what I wanted, and I told him, his response was “Why can’t you ever have a normal answer?”. Well, he asked…

Direct View of Fireplace. photo by Carter Rose.

  • White Sofa – I bought this sight unseen from CustomSofaDesign.com. I am not going to lie, working with them is a pain in the ass. While its a pain in the ass, it really is the only way to get a truly custom sofa using designer fabric (COM available) at less than half the price. We designed mine to include a slipcover with contrast piping and brass casters. I do recommend the company, but beware it will take much longer than you are quoted.
  • Chrome Console Table – Craigslist
  • Gold Garden Stool – Homegoods
  • Purple Peacock Cushions – Homegoods
  • Antique Bust Lamps – Scout Interiors at the White Elephant in the Design District
  • Moving back to the mantle…..
  • Big Ass Clock – Ballards Backroom in Atlanta
  • White Chinoiserie Panels – White Elephant in the Design District
  • Coral – Storehouse “Going Out of Business Sale” 5 years ago 🙂
  • Turquoise Lions – My aunt Melanie made these for my mom in a ceramics class 30 years ago!
  • Star – Homegoods
  • Fireplace Screen – Geometric from JCPenney. This guy is seriously a bargain at $50!

Media Area. photo by Carter Rose

  • C Jere brass starbursts – Craigslist
  • French Chair – My dear hubby  spotted these at Bienvenue in Miramar Beach. We have had these since right around when we got married in 2004. The upholstery is from Fabric Factory on Inwood.
  • Pillow on Chair – H to the Goods.
  • Media Cabinet – This is my #1 favorite large piece of furniture in my home. I bought this last year at an estate sale and had planned to use it in our bedroom. That plan was derailed when my delivery guy told me it was the heaviest piece he has moved in 40 years and it didn’t make the turn in the hallway 🙂 So in the living room it went! I cannot love this guy any more. Hint : Leslie at Again and Again snagged the nightstands and she has them for sale at the store now!
I hope you enjoy seeing all the sources for our home. Now, I would love to see yours! Please send any home tour submissions with sourcing info to gypsysoulinteriors@gmail.com, and I will showcase it for all our readers to see.
Lastly, disregard the aesthetics of the site for the next couple of days. I am working with the web designer on a new look!
Have a great week and Happy Shopping!!!!


March 20, 2012

Painted Chevron Rug Tutorial

As you know from my post on Monday, I have been obsessed, I mean truly obsessed, with finding a pink chevron rug a la Madeline Weinrib for my 4 year old’s bedroom. After many futile attempts, I could not find what I wanted in my price range. From the beginning I was totally opposed to painting a rug. I don’t measure and painting in any sort of design confine makes me crazy.


Unfortunately, drastic times mean drastic measures. I decided last Friday that I would head to Ikea in hopes of a cheap white rug that I could experiment with turning into my desired pink chevron show piece. I found the perfect rug, the Ikea Erslev for  a whopping $59.99.

Ikea Erslev

Ikea Erslev


I had read numerous DIY’s on painting rugs, but they sounded way too detailed and time consuming and required my car to stop more than twice. At this point, Ben had been out of town for a few days, I am 900 months pregnant, it was freezing and raining and I decided my car would only stop twice on the mission for the rug supplies. My goal was that the car only stop once, but alas, Walmart did not have a rug that would suffice as my chevron canvas. Therefore, after Ikea, I headed to Lowes.

I knew to buy the green “Frog Tape” to prevent any bleeding but wasn’t sure how much. Since I was only going out once that day, I bought 5 rolls. Guess what? I only needed 1! So if you are buying the Erslev and like the approximate size of my pattern ( 8″ repeat), you only need one roll of tape.

Frog Tape

Most painted rug tutorials will say you need to mix a fabric medium into equal parts latex paint. I couldn’t be bothered with that extra step. Afterall, that would mean my car had to stop once more which would send me over my two stop limit.  Now, if you want an opaque precise color application, then you will need a fabric medium or else your stripes will be really crunchy and hard. I figured if my brush was very lightly coated with paint and I used a light dry brush stroke, the softness of the fabric would be maintained. This lighter dry brushing technique also will mask many of the imperfections that my quickie tape job would reveal. I bought two shades of paint from Valspar both off the same color swatch. Initially I was thinking I would dry brush the darker shade first and then even more lightly dry brush the lighter coat on top for an ombre hand dyed effect. Once I started with the darker, I soon realized that one light coat of “Sweet Sixteen” was all I needed and never even used the lighter shade. The white shows through the pink so it has the exact dyed effect I was looking for.

This little sample can was all the paint I needed for my technique. Obviously if you wanted a darker shade or had a larger rug, you would need more. Hint: The Pantone colors at Lowe's come in the perfect can size and colors if you are needing more paint.



My chosen shade, it was approximately one shade lighter than the punch pink in Cici's bedding.

Once we got home, I literally just started taping. I decided that the chevrons would be about 8″, and started with one row then just kept moving down the rug.  I literally eyeballed all the measurements knowing they would not be perfect. It was close enough for me. I would say this step took about 1 1/2 hours. If you were not 900 months pregnant, I have a feeling it would take a lot less time. The key here is not to worry about your spacing being perfect. You will make yourself crazy if you try to eyeball this and second guess any of your work. On second thought, maybe some of you “Type A”  folks should have a margarita or three before you start this step.

The initial tape job..

After the initial taping was done, I went back through and trimmed the excess from each row. Very boring step. But as you can see below, there are still so many imperfections in my spacing and in the tape overlaps etc. If you are using a really light brush, it really shouldn’t matter though.

Final Tape Job, Ready for Paint

After taping was done, Cici and I started painting away. I think it is so important for kiddos to be involved in the design of their rooms. Because she was trusted to help, she loves the rug so much more, and it kept her attention for long enough to finish. This also goes to show you that the technique is easy. If you do decide to have your children help, I would suggest loading their paint brushes for them because you need the slightest amount of paint on the brush. As far as brushes, I bought the cheap wide ones on the bottom row of the paint brush section at Lowe’s. I think they are like $1.39. We did not brush in any particular direction, just kind of went everywhere and every direction, making sure to coat all the white with a small amount of paint. You can see how translucent our paint application is below. You want gradation and differentiation in the paint application and strokes. This will help hide flaws and make the rug appear to be weathered or hand dyed.

So simple a 4 year old dressed in an "Ariel" costume can do this project!

Once the rug was completely painted I let it dry overnight, although since the paint was so light I probably could have taken tape off immediately.

Painting complete! We let it dry overnight like this...

The pic below gives you a good idea of the amount of paint used. I also tried to get a bit darker right on the edges of the rug which made it look a bit more “finished”.

Close up of pattern on rug.

Next we pulled off the tape, which is an EXCELLENT project for 4 year old hands, and laid the rug in her room. As I have said, the room still needs some tweaking and a few accessories, but I was thrilled with the way the carpet turned out. Enjoy! And feel free to ask me any questions you may have if you decide to take on the project yourself. And please send pics!

Completed project! Thanks Carrie Smith for taking these pics for me 🙂










Lastly, lots of new pieces coming in on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! Stay tuned and happy shopping!



March 12, 2012

Cici’s Room

Some of you know me personally, but for those of you who don’t, I readily admit I am particular. Very particular. Borderline “difficult to work with”, because I am so particular. I come by it honestly though. If you would meet my dad and his mother, you would know that we have a strong willed and extremely persnickety gene thats pretty dominant. My dad and I firmly believe in the mantra ” Do it. Do it right. And Do it right NOW”.

So how does this character trait relate to design? Well i’ll tell you. I have been working hard on Caroline’s room before the new baby comes. I found this gorgeous bedding at Horchow Finale and loved how sophisticated it was while still girly and juvenile.

Ferran New York Climbing Vines Bedding

I picked out the bedding completely on a whim, which is also how I work. If I love it, I buy it. I worry about how things will “go together” later. I had this awesome pair of green campaigners at the Gypsy Soul Store and actually had a client who needed to use just one, so I decided to use the mate and the greens were perfect. So I now had bedding, and a nightstand.

Nightstand from Gypsy Soul Interiors

Then came the paint, I had to have a pale pink. Pale pink with warm tones though, and apparently the light in our home turns all pinks into purples. I wanted to use a lighter shade of the punchy pink tone in the bedding. Therefore we went through about 10 sample cans until I finally found the color, “Apricot Ice from Valspar”. One would think that having the word “Apricot” in a heading would mean orange, but it was a perfect warm pale pink. Some of you may say a green or a beige would have been easier to match, and yes, maybe it would have been, but it wouldn’t have been “right” for the room.

Pink Paint Graveyard

Then came the actual furniture situation. I knew I wanted a chaise, or as Caroline calls it a “princess chair”. As much as I am done with overly French feeling furniture for main living areas, there is no better place for a curvy elegant French chaise than in a 4 year old’s room. Luckily my super sleuth friend Grace found exactly what I was looking for on Craigslist. So I hoofed up to cattle country Texas and brought home the perfect “Princess Chair”. Actually, I didn’t bring it home, I took it straight to the upholsterer where he did his magic, covering the chair in a tan/ white all weather trellis fabric.

Frenchy "Princess Chair"

Chaise Fabric from Fabric Factory

I thought we wanted to do a bigger bed than a twin, and actually went out and purchased a queen mattress and had planned to use the wicker folding screen available at Gypsy Soul Interiors for the headboard. I went so far as to actually setting her room up with the screen and the queen bed, but unfortunately it was not right.

Bedding is cute, girl is cuter. Layout sucks. Gotta go.

So out went the queen bed and in came the twin again. This time, the twin was gussied up with the coolest vintage wicker canopy bed, also from Craigslist. I spent last week sanding and repainting this monster. I did a lead test kit because there was some question as to whether it was manufactured before or after 1978 and then I painted the whole thing with my pregnant ass sitting in the tall grass. At one point I thought to myself, “this grass is pretty tall and our winter has been pretty mild, I hope there are no snakes”. And then after the painting was done when my husband was helping me move said bed, his face turned pale and he said for me and Cici to get inside immediately. Ben doesn’t get worked up about much so I knew there was either a dead body or live snakes under the bed we were moving. It happened to be the latter. Oh well, several dead snakes later, the bed was fully painted and put up in her room.

Craigslist pic of awesome canopy bed! I could see the potential.

To round out the room, I used a great antique vanity that my mom had found at Eastbrook Flea Market (shout out to the ‘Gump) in my hometown. Eastbrook is a treasure trove in Montgomery, Alabama and you must hit it up if you happen to be in the area. Hint : Skip the entire main floor of Eastbrook. It sucks. Crappy hot pink and black painted French Provincial pieces and your grandmothers antique washstands are what you will find on the main floor. Head downstairs to where the rent is cheaper and the good “junk” can be found.  I finished out the vanity with a vintage Drexel chair that had the original vintage Waverly ikat fabric on it from the late 1960’s. Chair was an estate sale find about 2 years ago.

Vanity from "Aya"

Vanity from "Aya"

Ok, so where does that leave me. It leaves me with the fact that I must have a pink chevron rug. The rug has to be a shade of pink between the walls and the pink in the bedding. I googled “Pink chevron rug” and found exactly what I needed on this lovely blog post.

Madeline Weinrib Rug from Making it Lovely

So here is the problem. #1) Ms. Madeline does not make this colorway anymore #2) My husband would divorce me if I paid retail for a pink MW rug for Cici’s room. Therefore I was on a hunt. My wonderful Facebook followers offered some great suggestions, and if you are looking for a similar rug, check out my Facebook wall “GypsySoulInteriors” for some great ideas. Unfortunately, none of these ideas were “right” and as I said it has to be “right” and perfect, and exactly what is in my mind or I might explode. I was obsessed with her room having the perfect rug. My persnickety personality led to me numerous retail stores, wholesale showrooms, and countless Etsy sites in search of the perfect pink chevron. The closest two runners up had to be this one from Genevieve Gorder for Capel Rugs and the Diamond Dhurrie from Pottery Barn Kids.

Capel Rugs Pink Usbek

Pottery Barn Kids Diamond Dhurrie

The Capel rug was on One Kings Lane on Thursday, but it was still $1,000 and, being 8 months pregnant, I don’t have time for a divorce on the grounds of “Spent too much on childs rug”.

The Pottery Barn one is pretty, but its just too dark, and there is too much pink. I need a pretty even white : pink ratio.

Because I was completely unwilling to settle for anything less than exactly what I wanted, I attempted the impossible. I packed up Caroline and we headed on a northward trek. A trek to Ikea. I was going to paint a rug, damn it. I had to have a certain color, and a certain pattern and was not going to settle. We bought a flat weave white Erslav rug for a whopping $69.99 and headed to Lowes for painters tape and paint. Approximately 3 hours later, the perfect pink chevron rug was drying on my kitchen floor. Luckily Ben was out of town so I didn’t have to worry that he would freak out about my painting project on the kitchen floor. Tape came off Saturday morning and rug was laid. It is perfect. Beyond perfect. And this little girl better know how much her mama loves her. She is the only one I would do the work again for in a heartbeat:)

Here are a few “almost finished” pics. Lighting is terrible since all the pics are from my phone 🙂




I am going to post a DIY blog this week on the exact steps I used. I will say there was no measuring  involved, as I don’t measure squat. Ever. If a project requires a ruler or a tape measure, don’t involve me. This includes hanging wall art. I will also say, I found a couple of great painted rug blogs online, but they had too many steps. I wanted a washed out kind of look so I was able to eliminate about 8 steps from most of the other rug painting tutorials.

Her room still needs some tweaking and some accessories, but I hope you get the feel for where I am going with it. Now I need to move to the baby’s room and have one more DIY project planned for his room that hopefully I can get to this week. Hopefully the little man’s room will not include mattress change outs and snakes!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Shopping!!


January 19, 2012

Fresh Transformations..

This business is all about seeing the potential in found objects. Y’all would be shocked if you saw some of the places I frequent to find great pieces, and you may be appauled if you could see the shape they are in when I buy. So many of you are so creative and love furniture transformations like I do, so I thought I would give you some food for thought with pics of my favorite changes.

The first set of pics are from one of my favorite Facebook stores, Stuff: Vintage.  Check them out! Melissa is in the heart of vintage furniture country up in North Carolina so she usually has amazing pieces with amazing pedigrees!

Before from Stuff: Vintage

Before from Stuff: Vintage

An "After" from Stuff: Vintage

"After" from Stuff: Vintage


Stuff:Vintage Before

Stuff:Vintage Before

Stuff:Vintage "After"

Stuff:Vintage "After"

Stuff :Vintage "Before"


Stuff :Vintage "After"

For even more awesome transformations, check out  some of local retailer Rehab Design Studio’s transformations here. Eilene is amazingly talented at the actual transformation piece of the biz. Admittedly, I would rather cut my arm off than paint a piece of furniture, but she enjoys it and is so good at it.

Lastly, I have some images of Gypsy Soul Interiors pieces that have been transformed for clients. Notice I did not say “I” transformed, I love consulting on colors, but do not do the painting, so I cannot take credit 🙂 I can always direct you to the right person though if you are interested in having any pieces transformed. Not all of these photo’s have “befores” but hopefully you can get the idea from the “afters”.

Kelley's Chest After

Kelley's Chest After

Kristen's Dresser Before...


Kristen's Dresser After (Still have to put hardware back on).. If you love this color as much as I do, its Galapagos Turquoise from Benjamin Moore.


Gypsy Soul Interiors " After". This was the piece that began and ended my furniture painting career.


Dawn's Headboard "Before" ...

Dawn's Headboard "After". We had the legs raised, the open space filled in and obviously it was repainted..

Lastly, this is one of my favorite transformations. My client, Grace, found a campaign desk/ hutch at Scout Interiors painted it and added wallpaper to the back (all while pregnant with her 4th child)! I usually throw the top hutch away when I find these desks, but this makes me rethink that.

Grace's Desk "After"

Hope these pieces give you inspiration as you are out thrifting this weekend!

Happy Shopping!




January 3, 2012

Peaceful Elegant Living in Dallas…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I certainly can’t imagine anything better than waking up with an amazed 4 year old on Christmas morning. In our house the big gift was a balance beam. Ben and I searched far and wide for a pink “real” balance beam and were also notified that Santa was going to bring her a matching “Majastics” leotard as well. (Thank goodness Academy was open late on Christmas Eve, and the beam came from trusty old Craigslist and says Kathryn on the side, but she cant read yet to know.) Here is my favorite shot of our little Mary Lou Retton on Christmas morning.


I am always sad this time of year because I love everything about Christmas so much. This year we at least have a new baby boy to look forward to in the spring! When I am feeling blue, I tend to redecorate. I am feeling the need to clean out and make the house as peaceful as it can be before the little man arrives. Some homes are so elegantly peaceful and my friend Emily’s is the poster child for “Peaceful Elegant Living”. I thought I would share some images of her home and see if you agree with me…

Even the outside of this lovely home is calming to me. I am a huge fan of light grey painted brick with dark shutters.

Front of Home

Front of Home

I love how Emily’s entry sets the tone for the rest of her home. Her paint choices as well as interior furnishings flow so well from room to room and all are so warm yet light and airy.


I also love how the kitchen mixes traditional and contemporary elements. And more than anything, it makes me happy to see  children’s furniture in such well designed rooms. I am perpetually building my kitchen remodel book for the exciting day when we can break ground on a new kitchen. Both Ben and I fell in love with the paint colors used here and may be copy cats. In case you were wondering, the island is painted in  Benjamin Moore “Dragons Breath” and the cabinets are Benjamin Moore “Rockport Gray”. Don’t you love the combo??


Her family room is so livable yet so refined and elegant at the same time. And the mirror is a personal favorite, I have the same one 🙂

Check out the master. Im sure most of you are familiar with her side tables, especially if you are from Dallas. Just today a client mentioned ” Those Jan Showers Nightstands” and of course, she was referring to these beauties.

Emily has three precious children, all with precious rooms, but this one has to be my favorite. This is her 2 year old son’s room. Emily and I agree on not doing “themed” rooms for children, and in her case, this also doubles as a guest room so she kept it very serene and sophisticated. I am digging the trend of platform beds in kids’ rooms, especially boys, not too far to fall/ jump from!

And Tada!!! My absolute favorite room in the whole house. This dining room is perfection. Enjoy!


Lucky for all of us, Emily actually has a booth at the White Elephant where she sells gorgeous pillows and decor. Our living room pillows came from Emily’s space as well as one of my chandeliers in the house. Her taste is obviously impeccable, so you should check it out! Even better, her space is right next to the Scout Interiors space where I purchased our “Lady Head” lamps 🙂 Also good news for any of you in the market for a new home, Emily and her husband are selling this home so she can work her magic in a new space. You can see the listing here http://www.virginiacook.com/homes-for-sale/mls11647249.html.

Emily's Space at the White Elephant

Scout Interiors at the White Elephant

My pillows from Emily

My lamps from Scout Interiors

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week! It does make me so happy to get back on a routine. I know I need to do more shopping for the store too! Don’t forget to email your wish lists of items to me at gypsysoulinteriors@gmail.com, include your cell phone number, so I can easily text pics of items as I find. Also check out the “Big A** Sale” on my facebook page at GypsySoulInteriors.

Happy Shopping!




December 22, 2011

Kristen’s Decorating Work – Callie’s Living and Dining Room

One of my sweet neighbor friends asked me to help her with her living/ dining room a few months ago. Her home is a very traditional North Dallas ranch style with a formal living room and dining room directly off of the entry.

Isn’t the before lovely???? This would be looking into the formal living room and the dining room, with that fancy blue accent wall. FYI- I’m not such a fan of accent walls, but look for a post of exceptions soon.

Lovely formals with bay window.
Needless to say, we had a blank slate. Callie and her husband Cody wanted soothing colors and something that tied in with the rest of the home. We decided on shades of blues, creams and browns to start. Here are our original design boards for both the spaces. 
Callie's DIning Room Inspiration Board

Callies Dining Room Inspiration Board

Callie's Living Room Design Board

Callie's Living Room Design Board

We were on a roll with the larger pieces and then stumbled upon a vintage Baker Asian wet bar. Callie’s husband Cody had wanted a bar from the beginning. I knew they liked Asian inspired pieces, but was pretty sure we would need to paint this bright orange gem another color. Lo and behold, Cody loved the orange and we all agreed to live with it in the room and see how the color worked. We were so lucky to find that it worked beautifully and the rest of the rooms began to fall into place, now with a blue, brown, cream and orange color scheme!  We are still working on her entry and now also working on her family room and kitchen, which I will share soon. Until then, enjoy the pics from their completed rooms!
Formal Living Room Sitting Area

Formal Living Room Sitting Area

My New Favorite Upholstered Chair

My New Favorite Upholstered Chair

Formal Living Room Bay Area (I absolutely love the Greek Key trim application we designed on these chairs).

Formal Living Room Bay Area

Don’t you love the Greek key trim application we designed on the slipper chairs above. I freakin’ love it.

The Vintage Bar that Inspired Our Color Scheme

The Vintage Bar that Inspired Our Color Scheme



Accent Table in Dining Room

Accent Table in Dining Room

View Into Dining Room From Living Room

View Into Dining Room From Living Room

How much do you love the custom monogram on those Parsons chairs? My sweet friend Meredith Grabham did the embroidery. Feel free to contact me for her information. Her work, embroidery and painting, is amazing!

Don’t forget, in addition to full service decorating, we offer online consultations. Its so easy! All you do is send us some pics of your spaces and we will consult with you on styles then present a design board and all sourcing information. Its a great way to pull a room together at a minimal cost! Any new clients I take before the baby is born will be online room consultations or very small design projects. Ann Jane will continue full service design, so we can help with anything you need 🙂


Merry Christmas!!!!


November 8, 2011

Kristen’s Design Work – Davis Home

I knew I would like Kerrie Davis the night I met her. We were discussing our part time careers and she mentioned that she wanted help with their new home in our ‘hood. In discussing her likes and dislikes, she said “anything but Tuscan Love”. Ahhhh, A girl after my own heart. The interesting part is that we had both purchased homes that were completely built by builders whose style aesthetic was Texas rustic with a Mediterranean flair. Kerrie was lucky enough to get to her builder in time to get a white kitchen with subway tiles. I was not so lucky, and thats a post for a later date. Anyone who has been to my house knows exactly what I mean. Its also the reason you will never see my kitchen until we completely renovate it.

We started first on Kerrie’s wonderful downstairs living area. She has an open floor plan that flows right from the kitchen into a breakfast room and then into the family room, which is also open to the entry. I’ve attached a before pic below. The space is truly amazing, but it did look a bit “high end builders special” before we started.

I love Kerrie as a client. She is brave. Sometimes you have to be brave to work with me. I love pattern, I love color, I purchase pieces at Salvation Army, and I am extremely decisive. Kerrie was ready to roll from the beginning (although I am still waiting for her to put a cowhide under the coffee table). She wanted an eclectic mix of styles, and needed it to work with the structural aspects of the home which weren’t changing. We planned the space first and decided she needed one large sofa and one small sofa. We chose to make custom sofas because we wanted a patterned slipcover that just isn’t readily available in showrooms. I also wanted to use a polyester velvet on the larger sofa, since the poly velvets are virtually indestructable. The Davis’  have  the worlds largest TV, and we needed to hide that sucker. The piece you can see in the left of the picture  above was housing the TV, and since the size worked, we just decided to paint it glossy grey and add some swanky chrome hardware. I use this hardware all the time, it is by far my fave of the moment. We saw a coffee table in a friends house and wanted to have one made to look similar. Kerrie was able to track down a travertine slab for the top and an iron worker to build the base, and voila we had a coffee table. That “voila” was actually a several month process trying to track down the artisans who were always running late or didn’t have the right equipment. Same goes for the custom sofas. 4 weeks always seems to turn into 4 months when you are dealing with creative types.

Our last piece of this puzzle was to find two tall wingbacks to flank the loveseat. I happened to run across two at a second hand store that were perfect! I had them at the White Elephant for a while, so some of you may recognize. We found a gorgeous turquiose velvet dot, and had those babies upholstered with skirts and they were stunning!!!

More pics of the transformation at the Davis home are below. Notice the gloss grey TV cabinet in the left corner of the first pic. So amazing what a coat of paint and some hardware will do!

Love the simplicity of the mantle decor. It really modernized the natural wood hearth.

Kerrie actually owns “Shades of Style” which is a custom window treatment company. We literally picked this fabric and she had these beauties up in a few days. Kerrie has over 10 years experience and her goal is to provide complete custom window solutions with quality materials including custom panels, draperies, shades, shutters, woven woods, blinds and modern roller shades. Email us if you would like Kerrie’s contact info.

We are currently working on the master bedroom and I cant wait to share the progress with all of you! And stay tuned, we will also be posting Ann Jane’s work in upcoming project posts.

Happy Shopping!!


PS- How great are these shots? One of my favorite photographers, Carrie Smith, of Carrie Smith Photography  did them all. She is also amazing at family shoots 🙂





September 17, 2011

Sewing Cabinet to Swanky Nightstands : Before and After

I have to admit, furniture transformations are one of my favorite things. I love picking up sad little pieces and turning them into something amazing, or at least amazing to me. The master bedroom in current home is much larger than our old bedroom, and I was really having a tough time finding nightstands or chests to accurately fit the scale. Let me backtrack, I could find them, but I could not afford them 🙂 I came across these two ugly sewing cabinets which were intended to hold patterns, even with an industrial lock on the exterior. Ben, the hubs, absolutely thought I had lost it when I came home with a pair of these.


I headed up to Home Depot and got the only can of oil based “oops” paint they had, which happened to be this gorgeous seal grey. I had been dreaming of Carrie’s dresser from SATC2 and thought this would be my attempt at something similar. I always have black and white paint laying around, so as soon as the grey was dry, I started taping.

A couple of hours later, and one trip to Elliott’s (The worlds best hardware store). We had a pair of these flanking our bed. I absolutely love how they turned out and especially love the storage!

Do you have a favorite project or transformation that would inspire other readers? Email us pics at gypsysoulinteriors@gmail.com. We’d love to showcase your work!