Exposing my dirty little secret…..


Many of you have asked to see my kitchen. You have all seen pics of the rest of the house, huh? Well there is a reason I do not show it. You see my kitchen belongs in a Country Themed Showhouse. It. Is. Awful. The house was completely renovated before we moved in with a […]

Easy Easter Project – Egg Wreath

Finished project!

Most of you are way more crafty than I am, so this post may be kind of juvenile to you, but thought it was worth a mention. Caroline and my mom had gotten all these foam eggs and foam Easter stickers from Target a few weeks ago. In our house, we can do “stickery” as […]

Where did she get that?

20111111_dowd home deliver_0003

  I love when people come into our home and ask me where I got this piece or that piece. I usually have an unexpected answer like Craigslist, or even Walmart. Actually, its unexpected to some, but completely expected if you truly know me. As I have said before, my first job is a stay […]

Painted Chevron Rug Tutorial


As you know from my post on Monday, I have been obsessed, I mean truly obsessed, with finding a pink chevron rug a la Madeline Weinrib for my 4 year old’s bedroom. After many futile attempts, I could not find what I wanted in my price range. From the beginning I was totally opposed to […]

Cici’s Room


Some of you know me personally, but for those of you who don’t, I readily admit I am particular. Very particular. Borderline “difficult to work with”, because I am so particular. I come by it honestly though. If you would meet my dad and his mother, you would know that we have a strong willed […]

Fresh Transformations..

Dawn's Headboard "Before" ...

This business is all about seeing the potential in found objects. Y’all would be shocked if you saw some of the places I frequent to find great pieces, and you may be appauled if you could see the shape they are in when I buy. So many of you are so creative and love furniture […]

Peaceful Elegant Living in Dallas…

Front of Home

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I certainly can’t imagine anything better than waking up with an amazed 4 year old on Christmas morning. In our house the big gift was a balance beam. Ben and I searched far and wide for a pink “real” balance beam and were also notified […]

Kristen’s Decorating Work – Callie’s Living and Dining Room

Accent Table in Dining Room

One of my sweet neighbor friends asked me to help her with her living/ dining room a few months ago. Her home is a very traditional North Dallas ranch style with a formal living room and dining room directly off of the entry. Isn’t the before lovely???? This would be looking into the formal living […]

Kristen’s Design Work – Davis Home


I knew I would like Kerrie Davis the night I met her. We were discussing our part time careers and she mentioned that she wanted help with their new home in our ‘hood. In discussing her likes and dislikes, she said “anything but Tuscan Love”. Ahhhh, A girl after my own heart. The interesting part […]

Sewing Cabinet to Swanky Nightstands : Before and After

I have to admit, furniture transformations are one of my favorite things. I love picking up sad little pieces and turning them into something amazing, or at least amazing to me. The master bedroom in current home is much larger than our old bedroom, and I was really having a tough time finding nightstands or […]