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April 26, 2012

Now all we need is a baby :)

Sorry for the crickets lately. These last couple of weeks before baby were not as planned so to speak. I know God puts challenges in your life for a reason, but I am ready for one less challenge and one less surprise. I am a control freak to the extreme, and this past week has tested me like no other.


Anyway, on to the good stuff. So many of you have been asking about Banks’ nursery. I will readily admit that I am not totally in love with it. I think its because all the furniture was Cici’s and after looking at it for 3 years, I am bit “over” it. So essentially, we painted the walls blue, added some new accessories and you can see some of the finished product below. All pictures were taken by Carrie Smith Photography, except for the last iPhone shot 🙂


The one piece of furniture in his room that I will always love is the Serena and Lily slipcovered Hayes glider. I nursed Cici for 15 months so I definitely got my use out of this purchase. It was one of the more expensive pieces in both their rooms, but I love how the cover is washable and the chair is just about the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. It was definitely worth the money. I couldn’t bear to spend the additional for the gliding ottoman for several reasons. Mainly, because you cant use them again in other rooms. I found a $39.99 cube ottoman at Homegoods and had Sew Jesse make me a slipcover to match the white upholstery. I was lucky enough to find a very similar white fabric at Fabric Yard in Carrollton. The houndstooth pillow is about 7 years old and from the Storehouse “Going Out of Business Sale” in Atlanta. The silhouette pillow is from Homegoods. Mirror was a Craigslist find, but is Horchow. The “Keep Calm and Cowboy Up” print is from Etsy and the Confederate soldier silhouette is from The Unicorn Shop in Montgomery, Alabama. Lamp and tray are Homegoods, and they are resting on a custom Greek key X bench from Again and Again here in the Big D.

Below is a shot of the wall where Mr. Banks bed is nestled. Before yall go and get fired up about how he will take that cool ass “b” off the wall when he can sit up, I just put it there for staging the pic 🙂 It usually will be on top of his armoire. Ben found the vintage letter when we were in Austin a few months ago. I think it is so cool and masculine! Next to his crib is my favorite wall lamp eva. It is the White Stingray Sconce from Horchow. I found one with a small crack in at at Horchow Finale about 3 months ago and knew I had to use it in his room. The houndstooth pillow is the same one above and the monogrammed pillow is a case from Pottery Barn outlet and I had my sweet friend Meredith Grabham monogram it.  I wish I knew the name of my crib or the name of the store I bought it at. I do remember it was in Canton, Georgia and I ordered it, but thats all I got. I actually think the manufacturer went out of business.

It always bugged me that I did not have a place for others to sit in Caroline’s old nursery, so I made sure to include a comfy chair for a second adult in Banks’ room. Some of you know that I saw this chair at Homegoods, passed it up, and then begged and pleaded for y’all to help me find it again. I was so fortunate that one of you had seen it at a different Homegoods store, so I headed over a picked it up. The art work behind the chair is something that Caroline and I made. It is actually a 5 ft by 5.5.ft bulletin board. We covered the inside with vintage Simon and Garfunkel sheet music using Mod Podge and then stenciled my favorite song lyric on it in black. I wish I had room for the whole verse of “The 59th Street Bridge Song”, but alas I didn’t. The whole verse is ” Got no deeds to do, no promises to keep, Im dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep, let the morning time drop all its petals on me, Life I love you, all is groovy”. If you graduated with me from Saint James, you may remember that this was the closing of my baccalaureate address. I just love this song. Garden stool is from Homegoods and the rocking horse is vintage from The White Elephant. The rug is from Ballards Backroom in Atlanta. May be a bit too feminine, but I have not found a replacement yet 🙂

Love the vingnette below. The changing table is also from Ballards Backroom in Atlanta. I don’t miss much about the ATL, but I do miss the Backroom and obviously Lewis and Sheron. If you live near Atlanta, you must go to Ballards Backroom. The Holcomb Bridge location (exit 7B off Ga400 if I remember correctly), is the one to go to. Its majority scratch and dent and usually there are no scratches or dents and the pieces are deeply discounted. They also have an amazing linen section at this location. I did exchange the knobs for some white glass beauties from Anthropologie. Cute rabbit lamp is one that my parents were getting rid of from their beach place. I love the window dressing in this room. The panels are actually twin matelasse bed coverlets that I had trim sewn on to. They make excellent curtains for a nursery because of how thick and opaque they are. The relaxed roman was made by Sew Jesse here in Dallas. If you need anything custom sewn for you, I highly recommend her. You can see some of her amazing work on her website.

Well that is about it. Hopefully the next time I post, I will have a new baby! Keep us in your prayers and everyone have a great rest of your week and enjoy the weekend!

Happy Shopping!




April 12, 2012

Exposing my dirty little secret…..

Many of you have asked to see my kitchen. You have all seen pics of the rest of the house, huh? Well there is a reason I do not show it. You see my kitchen belongs in a Country Themed Showhouse. It. Is. Awful. The house was completely renovated before we moved in with a “Tuscan Love” meets “Hill Country Hideaway” theme. The finishes are very high quality, and someone worked hard, but I hate it. We have lived with it for 3 years while I have pondered what exactly to do. I have gone through a lot of different plans and nothing has ever “stuck”.

Here is the problem. Our living space is completely open. Therefore, the kitchen/living/dining/breakfast/entry is all one area. We also have 30 ft ceilings and a “big ass” stone fireplace that is smack in the middle of all that. There are exposed beams that are stained a rustic brown and the floors are handscraped hardwoods. As you know, I love an eclectic decor, so the fireplace and exposed beams are fine, but we have to do something with the kitchen.

My ideal kitchen is all white and grey with Carrera marble countertops and lots of shiny chrome hardware. Unfortunately, the starkness of that design will not work in our home. I need something with a warmer tone to better match the feel of the open living space.

So are y’all ready to see the kitchen….


Im starting to sweat…

I have to do it…

Here it is…..

No, thats not the Cracker Barrel, thats my house.

The best part you ask? The picture I am about to show you is the a picture of my arch nemisis. It stares at me every time I walk by taunting me to buy a power sander.

A carved vine!!!!!!!!!!!! Argggghhhhh!!!!!!!! What's next? Faux greenery above my cabinets?

I finally have Ben on board with a little change. I actually want to reconfigure the whole room, but he is a no go on that right now. He has agreed to paint cabinets, add hardware and change out backsplash. So on that limited budget, what do all of you think I should do?

You can see pictures of my home and the rooms that the kitchen opens to here .

I found the following inspiration pics on Pinterest. I am leaning toward the last one, without the fancy tile work over the range.







I’d love you all to weigh in. What do you think? Help!

Have a great week!


April 4, 2012

No Dad, those are not giant sculptures of teeth.

So there was a bonus to my rug buying trek to Ikea a few weeks ago. As Cici and I were heading to the checkout lines, I saw what I thought had to be too good to be true. I slowly approached a group of employees un-crating some beautiful white plastic-ness. Could it be? Was it? There is no way I could be this lucky??…. YES! It was!!!! The shipment of white Vago chairs was being unloaded in front of my very eyes!

Let me preface this by saying I have wanted a set of Vago’s for several years now and was never quick enough to get them before selling out. Then, as some of you will remember, they were discontinued until spring of last year, when they came back in black, white and yellow I think. I missed out last year too 🙁

So my pregnant self rearranged my 4 year old and somehow managed to lodge 4 of these chairs into our buggy (I’m from Alabama and we say “buggy”).

Here is the pic of two of the four I purchased. I also snagged the cute little cocktail table in the middle. The tops lifts off and becomes a drink tray.

Finally, I have a set of Ikea Vago chairs

I love the lines of these chairs, even though my dad thought they were actually “some weird teeth sculptures”. They are sleek, modern and actually super comfortable! They remind me of a Kartell product.

There are whole websites devoted to the hunt for Vago chairs, and you can find some great pics on Pinterest and Houzz of Vago’s used in various designs. Below are my fave pics from Pinterest.






Did I mention the best part? Oh yeah, they are $24.99 each! Seriously folks. Seriously.

Did anyone else snag some? I’d love to see pics. I hear the Frisco store still has some pink and black. The rumor is that they will have more white in stock soon though!

Happy Shopping!


March 29, 2012

Where did she get that?


I love when people come into our home and ask me where I got this piece or that piece. I usually have an unexpected answer like Craigslist, or even Walmart. Actually, its unexpected to some, but completely expected if you truly know me. As I have said before, my first job is a stay at home mom, so I have to be creative with my design budget. That being said, I don’t settle, ever, and am constantly on a quest to make my home exactly “right”.

In my opinion, a home should be a reflection of its owners style and life experiences. Ben and I have lived a lot of places in our lives and are lucky to come from parents who really value travel and therefore took us all over the globe when we were young. Both of our upbringings shaped us into the people we are today. We both have a very, very, very diverse group of friends, and interests, and our house absolutely reflects that. I say all that, but in reality, if I were not in the picture, my sweet husband would probably have a room straight out of the Havertys circular, complete with the biggest TV he could find. I am lucky though that he appreciates tolerates, my sense of style. Not that it is without the occasional eye roll.

I definitely have an eclectic style and love all colors, except purple. (As a side note, I am inherently suspicious of people whose favorite color is purple. Similarly, I am also suspicious of you if you prefer cats over dogs). I never purchase something because it matches. I only purchase items I love and if you love something, you will find the perfect place.

So below I have chosen a few vignettes to showcase and answer the question ” Where did you get that? “. Enjoy.

Front Foyer. photo by Carter Rose.

  • Draper Chest – Craigslist
  • Lucite Chair – Sketchy garage sale on the wrong side of the tracks, with chain link fence and pitbulls. Yikes.
  • Cushion on chair – Standard size bed pillow from JCPenney covered in an Urban Outfitters rug. Yep, a rug.
  • Black/ White Greek Key pillow on chair – H to the Goods.
  • Cowhide – Found a cowhide dealer on Craigslist
  • Foo Dog Lamps – Craigslist (Can you believe it?)
  • Gold Mirror – Was my grandmother, Bebby’s.
  • White perforated screen behind mirror – Some of you DFW girls may have gone to the crazy lady’s warehouse in Fort Worth who advertises mid century furniture and cowboy boots. Well this came from her and I got the hell out of that rat hole!
  • Turquoise Plates – Estate Sale


Living Room Looking Out to Backyard. photo by Carter Rose.

  • Sofa – The sofa is the Axis Queen Sleeper in Iron from Crate and Barrel. It was actually a hand me down from my friend Jackie. I bought it from her because they were not wild about how firm the down filled cushions were. I actually like firm sofas, and a plus was that this was also a pull out.
  • Sofa Pillows – These pretty girls came from my sweet friend Emily’s booth at the White Elephant in the Design District. You may remember Emily from this post on her home.
  • Ottoman – Purchased at Ballard’s Backroom in Atlanta. Underneath the slipcover is a really ugly Cabbage Rose print and my sweet dad added casters to the bottom. I had the slipcover made for hardly anything from a fabric I found at a fabric store in Montgomery, Alabama. It has since gone out of business but I still love that zebra and wish I could find it again.
  • Throw Blanket – Hey big spender. This was a whopping $12.99 at Ikea. I am not sure they still sell this style, but I fell in love with the Jonathan Adler look of it 🙂
  • Coral Lamps – H to the Goods.
  • Balloon Shade – My friend Kerrie Davis made this for me. Kerrie has an awesome window treatment business and can provide anything from fabric panels to plantation shutters. Email me if you would like her info 🙂
  • Peacock Wall Hanging – White Elephant Antiques in the Design District. This was an anniversary gift from Ben. When he asked what I wanted, and I told him, his response was “Why can’t you ever have a normal answer?”. Well, he asked…

Direct View of Fireplace. photo by Carter Rose.

  • White Sofa – I bought this sight unseen from I am not going to lie, working with them is a pain in the ass. While its a pain in the ass, it really is the only way to get a truly custom sofa using designer fabric (COM available) at less than half the price. We designed mine to include a slipcover with contrast piping and brass casters. I do recommend the company, but beware it will take much longer than you are quoted.
  • Chrome Console Table – Craigslist
  • Gold Garden Stool – Homegoods
  • Purple Peacock Cushions – Homegoods
  • Antique Bust Lamps – Scout Interiors at the White Elephant in the Design District
  • Moving back to the mantle…..
  • Big Ass Clock – Ballards Backroom in Atlanta
  • White Chinoiserie Panels – White Elephant in the Design District
  • Coral – Storehouse “Going Out of Business Sale” 5 years ago 🙂
  • Turquoise Lions – My aunt Melanie made these for my mom in a ceramics class 30 years ago!
  • Star – Homegoods
  • Fireplace Screen – Geometric from JCPenney. This guy is seriously a bargain at $50!

Media Area. photo by Carter Rose

  • C Jere brass starbursts – Craigslist
  • French Chair – My dear hubby  spotted these at Bienvenue in Miramar Beach. We have had these since right around when we got married in 2004. The upholstery is from Fabric Factory on Inwood.
  • Pillow on Chair – H to the Goods.
  • Media Cabinet – This is my #1 favorite large piece of furniture in my home. I bought this last year at an estate sale and had planned to use it in our bedroom. That plan was derailed when my delivery guy told me it was the heaviest piece he has moved in 40 years and it didn’t make the turn in the hallway 🙂 So in the living room it went! I cannot love this guy any more. Hint : Leslie at Again and Again snagged the nightstands and she has them for sale at the store now!
I hope you enjoy seeing all the sources for our home. Now, I would love to see yours! Please send any home tour submissions with sourcing info to, and I will showcase it for all our readers to see.
Lastly, disregard the aesthetics of the site for the next couple of days. I am working with the web designer on a new look!
Have a great week and Happy Shopping!!!!