2 Kilians Art Studio


For the last 7 months I’ve been pre-occupied with this guy.   And this girl.   And frankly, I could not be happier. I have not been able or willing to schlep Banks around to Estate Sales and Thrift Stores like I thought I could. Luckily, Grace is more on top of her game than […]

Another confession, a cleaning product and popsicles. How is that for random?

The highlights I use.

Anyone else ready for pre-school to start? I almost drove both kids to the liqour store today to pick up some Skinny Girl Margaritas. Unfortunately, I couldnt get my Sh** together enough to make it out the door before 3. Luckily we had friends coming over who brought wine. That being said, I apologize for […]

Dirty Little Secret #2


Dirty Little Secret #2 – All my crafty ideas do not turn out well. Being an artist and a mom is all about accepting the fact that you make mistakes, lots of them. I thought you would enjoy this pic of a blog post/ craft project gone awry. I had read this blog post from […]

“Bling” Dallas Style!

Fell for this print hook, line and sinker.

I am genetically pre-disposed to love costume jewelry. My grandmother, Beverly, or “Bebby” as we called her clearly passed on her love of faux baubles to me. At 80 something she was known to pair a leopard top with a mint green skirt and the gaudiest CZ pins you have ever seen to church on […]

Reality (I can’t believe I am sharing some of this)

How magazines or blogs would "suggest" I live.

A few of you have asked why I have not posted lately. Here is my long winded answer…..     Adjusting to being a mother of two has been so much easier than I anticipated in some ways and so much harder than I anticipated in others. I am so much more relaxed with Banks […]

Update On Gypsy Soul Interiors!

My little babes!

Just a little update! We are doing great over here, thank you for all the sweet “Congrats” emails. Banks is a precious little boy and he’s definitely keeping me on my toes. Cici is such a great big sister and has told me numerous times that she is ready for another baby! Easy for her […]

Maternity Leave

Sorry for the crickets on posts around here. We welcomed our precious Benjamin Banks Dowd on 4/30! Available pieces are being updated so you can see inventory, but as always, you will find more info on these pieces on Facebook at “GypsySoulInteriors” page. I am checking email and will hopefully crank out a blog post […]

Now all we need is a baby :)

br 2

Sorry for the crickets lately. These last couple of weeks before baby were not as planned so to speak. I know God puts challenges in your life for a reason, but I am ready for one less challenge and one less surprise. I am a control freak to the extreme, and this past week has […]

Random Friday Post

Even the packaging looks cool!

I have had all these “Oh, I need to share that” moments lately, none of which warrants their own blog post. I’ve thrown them all together in a random Good Friday post for you readers Let the randomness begin… If you know me well, you know I love make-up almost as much as funky interiors. […]

Easy Easter Project – Egg Wreath

Finished project!

Most of you are way more crafty than I am, so this post may be kind of juvenile to you, but thought it was worth a mention. Caroline and my mom had gotten all these foam eggs and foam Easter stickers from Target a few weeks ago. In our house, we can do “stickery” as […]