August 18, 2017

Custom Mixed Media Portraits, with a little Gypsy Soul……

I was looking through old emails and realized that last year at this time I ran a special for family portraits. School is finally starting which means we will be at Christmas before we know it (Hobby Lobby has been “at Christmas” since April, if you haven’t noticed.) I realized a few years back that I preferred getting and giving unique handmade gifts to my relatives and friends instead of “stuff” that can be found at any mall. Handmade from the hands of children is the best kind of handmade, but for those of you wanting a meaningful gift for grandparents, spouses, children, a custom painting is the perfect answer. I take some of your favorite pictures from your families vacations, special days or just “regular” days and turn them into a custom painted canvas to enjoy for  years to come.


I work in watercolor and acrylics and prefer to let the picture and setting decide the medium. If you follow me on instagram, you will see that my personal design aesthetic leans toward more modern, so I enjoy playing around with backgrounds that are not so literal.




As the customer, you can give me feedback on your preferences and we run from there. This year, all orders will be due by September 22nd (extending one week) and the special pricing is as follows. (Note, if you have placed an order with me in the last month, I will also be honoring this discounted rate.)

11X14 – $225

16X20 – $295

20×24 – $335

Upon completion, I can recommend a printer to help you make additional prints or copies of this painting to share with your loved ones.


To order, please contact me at, and put “Custom Portrait” in the subject line.

As always, I am available for commissioned work on large abstracts in acrylic and watercolors. Currently, these three area available and can be customized.

And for “handmade by little hands”, stay tuned for a blog post next week with some great craft ideas to start now with your kids for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


If you don’t already follow me on Instagram @gypsysoulint, please do! I post all new pieces on Instagram first so you will get the first peak at available works.





November 5, 2016

Carolines Creations benefitting Every Mother Counts and Dream Park Fort Worth

My name is Caroline, but lots of people call me Cici. I have been working on pictures with my mommy to sell to raise money for Every Mother Counts and DreamPark Fort Worth. I chose to do a service project as my semester project at my school. I am in the 3rd grade. When my mommy was telling me about different charities, I wanted to choose DreamPark and Every Mother Counts because they help mommies and kids.


I chose to do some paintings to sell to raise money. My mommy is an artist and I love working with her so it was a perfect idea for us. I love to travel with my mom, dad and baby brother and so she gave me the idea to paint some cities I like. New York and Fort Worth are two of my five favorite cities so I chose to paint them. My other three favorite cities are Boston, Paris and Jackson, Mississippi.

Hard at work

Hard at work




DreamPark is a park that is being built in Fort Worth, Texas for children with special needs and not special needs to play at together. 131 children out of 1000 children receive special needs services in Texas. The idea of DreamPark was found in Wisconsin at a park that was accessible to all children and Mrs. Churchill had the idea to bring it to Texas. I would like to donate money to DreamPark because I had a friend in my kindergarten class that had special needs and I know he would like to play on this playground. My paintings benefitting DreamPark are of the Fort Worth Stampede Longhorns at Christmas time. My family and I go to Fort Worth A LOT! My mommy tells everyone she would move there. I am also becoming a Fort Worth girl. Every year we go to the Fort Worth Stock Show and multiple times a year we go to the cattle stampede down in the Stockyards. Cattle, including longhorns are a big part of Fort Worth history so I wanted to paint them on my Christmas painting. I used the colors from the Christmas painting to paint an abstract painting to match.






Every Mother Counts is a non profit that I learned about from my mommies friend, Kristen. Kristen works for Every Mother Counts and is always running races to make people know about poor care for mommies and babies around the world. In 2012, 500,000 moms died from being pregnant and having babies. There are three reasons that mommies die or become sick during pregnancy and childbirth. One is transportation. Two is education. Three is a lack of medical supplies. EMC raises money through running races which symbolizes the distance of how long some mommies have to walk to get to a hospital for medical care. In 2016 instead of 500,000 mommies dying, only 300,000 mommies died. Every Mother Counts has raised over 2.2 million dollars pregnancy and childbirth care. I chose to paint a picture of New York at nighttime with Rockefeller Center in it. The taxis have ads for Hamilton, American Girl Doll Store, and Dylan’s Candy Bar because they are some of my favorite things in Manhattan. I also painted a church in the picture. We have a matching abstract painting if you don’t want the city scene.






We will be selling my paintings and prints at West Elm Mockingbird Station in Dallas on Sunday, November 6th from 11-3. Please come see my paintings and support both of these charities.




We will have prints, framed prints, acrylic blocks, and boxes of 8 notecards in all the designs available.



If you would like to order online, you can email my mom at and put “Carolines Creations” in the subject line. She will mail your order to you or you can do porch pick up in Dallas. She accepts paypal, venmo, cash and credit Card.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will consider ordering my prints.




December 21, 2012

2 Kilians Art Studio

For the last 7 months I’ve been pre-occupied with this guy.

Banks at Halloween


And this girl.

Cici having a tea party. Photo by


And frankly, I could not be happier. I have not been able or willing to schlep Banks around to Estate Sales and Thrift Stores like I thought I could. Luckily, Grace is more on top of her game than ever and has been procuring amazing find after find. I am still shopping, its just only when the kids are at home with Daddy or Sally and I am on my own, which is not too often. I wasn’t ready to turn on Days of our Lives and eat Bon Bon’s though. ( I mean isn’t that all stay at home moms do anyway?) When my people are at pre-school or napping, I’ve been able to work on client design boards and even better, custom paintings.

I love furniture with a passion, but art has always been my first love. My dad’s side of the family has a strong artistic gene that has been passed down from my great grandfather, Pop. Pop lived until he was 99 and painted daily for as long as I can remember. He was a classical painter and I am so honored to have several of his works in my own home. My grandmother, Bebby, my father, and my sister are all extremely talented classical painters. Pop, Bebby, Dad and Lauren can all paint animals, people, and still lifes with amazing accuracy. Me, not so much. I am all abstract all the way. I have a “Rainman” type color sense, so much so that I assign colors to all numbers in my head, so rarely do I forget any number or sequence of numbers. It makes for an interesting bar trick, but also is the trait that drives my abstract art. I love working with various shades in unexpected ways. Fortunately, the paintings that I have always just done for our home, have been well received by my furniture customers here in Dallas.

I am looking forward to growing this segment of Gypsy Soul in the coming months. All paintings are signed “2 Kilians”. The reason for “2 Kilians” is that inevitably when I am painting, I have a sidekick working on her own gorgeous masterpiece. Caroline is said sidekick, and we share the same middle name, Kilian. We were both named after Clarence Kilian, my great grandfather or better known as “Pop”. Pop is where the passion for painting began and it only seems fitting to honor him with my current works.

Coolest pic ever! Pop showing something to my dad and uncle.

Coolest pic ever! Pop showing working on a car with my dad and uncle. So Norman Rockwell huh?

Below you will see examples of some of my favorite pieces from the last couple of months. Most are sold, but the ones that are still available are marked with pricing below. It is also not too late to order gift certificates for Christmas! I can send these electronically for any denomination and will work with the recipient on color, size and style of their custom piece. Please email at with any questions you may have! Enjoy!

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!




Chevron Painting Available 30 X 40. $475







December 12, 2012

Gypsy Soul Favorite Christmas Gift #2 – Thymes Frasier Fir Candle

I am pretty picky when it comes to scented candles. Ok, I am actually really picky when it comes to everything. I have a strict white/cream candle only rule (yes, similar to my white sheets and towels rule). But during this time of year, I do make an exception for the Thymes Frasier Fir candle. Have you all smelled this? Whoa, seriously, I have never loved something so much. If I had to describe the scent it would be clean and woodsy. There are many different choices of sizes, containers and colors which would all make excellent Christmas gifts.

I purchase my candles through a friend, Audrey Liethen, who is a rep and can offer discounted prices. You can also pick the Thymes candles up at Central Market, various gift shops and at

If you would like to contact Audrey to order, she can be reached at (214) 680-6133 and her email is Even better, she is hosting a gift party this Thursday in North Dallas, so if you are close, you should stop in! Audrey is a super woman, and actually reps several different brands including J. Hilburn, which are some of Ben’s favorite dress shirts. I’ve included information for the party below. You may just want to shoot her a text or email if you plan on stopping by. I am telling you, you must pick up these candles they truly are amazing. Only two types of candles enter my house ever, Votivo Red Currant year round and Thymes Frasier Fir during the holidays!




  • Host:
    Audrey Liethen & Jane Williams
  • Phone:
  • When:
    Thursday, December 13 from 9:00 AMto 8:30 PM
  • Where:
    Join us for a Day of Shopping…
    without the crowds!!!
    Thursday Morning 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
    Thursday evening 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
    J. Hilburn Men’s Clothing
    Stationery Girls
    Audrey Liethen
    PJ Lady
    Cindy Wiegand
    Stella & Dot
    JoAnn Hodges
    Bring Friends for
    Shopping . Chatting . Noshing
December 9, 2012

Gypsy Souls’ 10 Favorite Christmas Gifts! #1 – We’re Nuts About You!

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful readers out there! I am sure you are all in the full swing of Christmas shopping, and I thought I would offer a little help! I will be posting 10 of my favorite Christmas gifts for 2012 for the next week or so with links for ordering. I have asked some of my most talented, creative and successful friends to contribute this year. Hope everyone enjoys!


First in line….”We’re Nuts About You!”

Contributor : Corrie Watson of Frank Kent Auto Dealerships . (Check out the Frank Kent website and see Corrie and her brother, Will, in an amazing video showcasing the history of Frank Kent).

I adore everything about this first gift idea for several reasons. #1) Its a home based business #2) Its a sweet treat! #3) Its a Texas based business #4) The sweet lady who owns this company put both herself and her boys through college on the money she made from her home based business!

Here is what Corrie has to say –

“Do you like Cinnamon? Brown Sugar? Nuts?  Then you are going to love We’re Nuts About You! It in my opinion has the tastiest treats around that are perfect to give as gifts for the Holiday season, serve over a salad, or just to curb that sweet tooth that kicks in every so often.  This little home based company was started by: Debbie Callas from Fort Worth.

Debbie is a single mom who was looking for a way to make some extra Christmas money to buy gifts for her 2 boys when she started this business venture out of her home.

Debbie makes all of her savory treats in her own home and uses only the freshest ingredients. You can have these flavored nuts in the form of Pecans, Walnuts, and the newest arrival Almonds.  The Almonds are my personal favorite just to eat by themselves, as I am doing while I am typing this up. There is Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, and I am not sure what else, but they are heavenly!

My husband loves when I put the Pecans in a Spinach Salad that has Feta, Strawberries, Spinach, and Balsamic Vinaigrette.  I have no doubt that they would also be tasty if they were warmed up a bit and then put over a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Debbie has a full time job, has gone back to school to complete her degree, and operates We’re Nuts About You in her free time. She has tirelessly worked to put herself and her 2 kids through college with the additional income from her home based business.  She makes these savory treats year round for birthday gifts, corporate thank yous, and just because people call her and have a craving.  Once you taste them, you will completely understand. You can truly taste the love and dedication she has to her family, her customers, and to ensuring that Wer’re Nuts About You nuts are only the best.


Her Holiday orders are already starting to roll in. The current pricing is per pound and does fluxuate based on market prices.  The Almonds are $8.00 per pound, Pecans are $15.00 per pound, and the Walnuts are $10.50/pound.  She will ship anywhere in the US, the prices do not include shipping. She can also ship them in decorative tins, to gift to your neighbors, or anyone else for the holidays for just the cost of the additional packaging.

Debbie can be reached at: or 817-583-9535.  She is currently developing her website, so keep a look out for that soon. ”

Debbie and her “little” boys! Isn’t she so pretty?

See? How great is that? Keep in mind, these are available year round. Being from Alabama, I have a weakness for Pecans, so those would definitely be my choice. What sounds good to you?


Hope you are having a great Holiday Season and your home is displaying a festive Gypsy Soul!


Happy Shopping!!!




November 6, 2012

Come Visit Us at Scout Design Studio!

Long time no post huh? Well I will readily admit that being a mommy of 2 is way more busy than my old leisurely life as a mommy of  1! Banks just turned 6 months the other day, and while he is still not sleeping through the night, I feel like I am getting my groove back. I thought I’d give you all a little update on Gypsy Soul Interiors, as some things have changed over the summer! Grace and I are still working our tush’s off to find great unique vintage pieces, only now, we have a real store to sell them out of! We have our garages back to *gasp* … park in! Most all of our inventory is now available at Scout Design Studio at 155 Howell Street in the Design District. Store hours are Tues- Sat 10-6, and Sunday and Monday by appointment only. I say most because we are both super busy with design jobs, and most importantly, little people, that it sometimes takes us a few days to get pieces to the store. Therefore, we are still listing on Facebook as soon as we get pieces in and you are able to purchase/ view at our homes. 

Pair of Amazing Chairs! Still at Graces house for now 🙂 (See you need to check Facebook too!)

Most paintings are also still available at my house too. These made their way to a clients home before I got them to the store.

If you haven’t been to Scout, you are totally missing out. If you haven’t been since the soft opening this summer, you will be shocked. Tiffany and Brittany, the owners, have created the most beautiful store in Dallas. The furniture is organized by category so for those of you who do not enjoy the “hunt” like we do, never fear, its a super easy store to navigate. There are tons of brass, lucite, chrome, art, upholstery and accessories to choose from! Best part? All of our customers are shocked at the price point in the store, we pride ourselves on being priced well below the competition. Tiff and Britt can also help coordinate painting and upholstery right from the store. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, check out the Scout Grand Opening Party on Saturday, November 10th from 1-6Pm. There will be food, drinks and music!   Here are some of my favorite recent shots from Scout!        

Oh yes! There is a play area!!!! Bring the kiddos!

I even recently updated my patio with finds from Scout! Happy Shopping! Kristen

November 6, 2012

Come Visit Us at Scout Design Studio!

Long time no post huh? Well I will readily admit that being a mommy of 2 is way more busy than my old leisurely life as a mommy of  1! Banks just turned 6 months the other day, and while he is still not sleeping through the night, I feel like I am getting my groove back. I thought I’d give you all a little update on Gypsy Soul Interiors, as some things have changed over the summer!

Grace and I are still working our tush’s off to find great unique vintage pieces, only now, we have a real store to sell them out of! We have our garages back to *gasp* … park in! Most all of our inventory is now available at Scout Design Studio at 155 Howell Street in the Design District. Store hours are Tues- Sat 10-6, and Sunday and Monday by appointment only. I say most because we are both super busy with design jobs, and most importantly, little people, that it sometim

August 30, 2012

Another confession, a cleaning product and popsicles. How is that for random?

Anyone else ready for pre-school to start? I almost drove both kids to the liqour store today to pick up some Skinny Girl Margaritas. Unfortunately, I couldnt get my Sh** together enough to make it out the door before 3. Luckily we had friends coming over who brought wine. That being said, I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. Especially blog posts that are not remotely thought provoking or even design oriented at all.

Todays post is a melange of a few mommy tips that may or may not be helpful at all. Gosh I am chipper this evening huh?

Here we go.

#1 ) A confession. I color my own hair. Well for the past 10 months I’ve colored my own hair. I have had it professionally colored for almost 20 years, yep, since the 7th grade. I was literally.  Dark roots since birth, coupled with the fact that I have horse hair, as my grandmother referred to it, I have never received compliments on my hair. I would be interested to know how many kitchen remodels I could purchase with the amount I have spent in salons over the years.

When prego withBanks, I was sick as a dog. I was able to get my hair half colored once before puking in the salon. So I had to move on to plan B. Plan B was to highlight my own hair at home without all the salon smells. I paint on canvases so I figured I could paint on my hair too. Lord knows I have seen enough stylists do it. I headed to Sally Beauty Supply, where for a whopping $8.93 I was outfitted with the tools to highlight my big horse hair. The ladies at the store showed me what I needed, and ask them what level of developer (look at me throwing around lingo) you will need based on your natural color. For my dark blond/ mousy brown base, I use a level 30 developer. I also chose the “Blue” highlights instead of “Violet” to eliminate any brassiness.

The highlights I use.



The ladies at the store told me to mix the developer with highlighting powder until it looks like jello. Yep, it is just that technical.

It looks like this when it is correctly mixed.

I am too lazy to write all the steps on where to brush the color, but its really pretty easy. Basically grab a 4 year old who has a similar hair color to you and observe where the natural highlights hit. Luckily, I live with a 4 year old who has the exact same hair that I do, sans the 20 years of highlights.

Brush it on and leave for approximately 30 minutes. You will look hot during this process. Like this.

Hot I tell ya.


Ok, so after 30 mins, you simply wash out. I use a Redken product called ” So Silver” shampoo and condition to eliminate any brassy tones. It works wonderfully.

As you can see the highlights are super natural. I have to admit, I have never felt more confident about my hair color. I knew I was on to something when the uber stylish Sam Sano commented on how great my hair color looked recently. I have never in my life received compliments on my hair so it was kind of a big deal. Hmmm, maybe I should forget furniture and start “fixin hair”? j/k


If anyone out there hates the cost/ smell/ experience of a salon, you may want to try your local Sally Beauty Supply. Don’t go buying hair color at the grocery store though. Those products are totally different and will turn your hair orange.


Tidbit of Info #2 ) If you want to have your 4 year old help you clean, give them their own spray bottle filled with water, vinegar and lemon juice. Caroline calls it her “squirt cleaner”. The combo of liquids is obviously non-toxic, smells great and cannot hurt finishes. She had a ball helping mommy clean today!


The flower crown helps too.


#3) My last potentially useless tidbit of info is what fun we had making watermelon popcicles the other day. I am sure there are fancier recipes for watermelon popsicles, but this is what we had in the pantry and they were delish.  I put watermelon in a colander centered over a glass bowl and let Caroline go to town. She squeezed and pounded all the juice with joy. Once she was done, I took a knife and shredded the watermelon into tiny pieces. We filled popsicle molds 3/4 full with juice only, then added a squirt of Agave nectar, squirt of lemon juice and small chunks of watermelon to each mold. Once frozen, we each had one and they were so delicious. I also highly recommend this popsicle mold with a straw to suck all the potentially white sofa staining juice from the bottom. (And yes, that is a Bumbo seat on my counter, and yes I know they have been recalled. )









So there you go. Hope these little bits of info may help you out around your house with little ones!

Happy Shopping!!



August 27, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #2

Dirty Little Secret #2 – All my crafty ideas do not turn out well. Being an artist and a mom is all about accepting the fact that you make mistakes, lots of them. I thought you would enjoy this pic of a blog post/ craft project gone awry.

Sad little girl with sad little crayon project.

I had read this blog post from The Mrs. Preppy and loved the idea. I thought I was going to go one step further and make this gorgeous melted crayon extravanganza. Lots of things went wrong with this project. So you do not make the same mistake, here are my lessons. A) not all crayon colors melt the same B)those cheapy crayons you get for free at restaurants are made of mostly oil, which pools and then turns grey. C) It takes a freaking long time to unwrap 900 million crayons. Moral of the story, this project sucked.


Here is to a fun week and hopefully a successful craft project!


August 14, 2012

“Bling” Dallas Style!

I am genetically pre-disposed to love costume jewelry. My grandmother, Beverly, or “Bebby” as we called her clearly passed on her love of faux baubles to me. At 80 something she was known to pair a leopard top with a mint green skirt and the gaudiest CZ pins you have ever seen to church on Easter. At 14, it was embarassing. As I have gotten older, I love it. This is also the grandmother that my father lovingly referred to as “the narc” because she flew planes with the Civil Air Patrol looking for marijuana fields in her 70’s and 80’s. Bebby didn’t give a s*** what others thought of her and her ensembles. I possess that gene, and frankly, I hope I pass a little of that on to Caroline too.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love “real” jewelry too, but the life stage I am in right now means that my real jewelry is usually in my jewelry box or it will be broken or barfed on repeatedly. So where do I go for the best of the best in bling? Sam Moon of course!!! My in-laws were in town last weekend and out of town guests are always a good excuse to head down to Harry Hines and shop. Another little tidbit, if you go to the HH store, check out the cheapy clothing stores in the shopping center, I have found some really cool trendy tops at these places.

While at Sam Moon, I snapped a few pics of some of my fave pieces. Disregard the quality of the iPhone pics and my lack of make-up. If you haven’t been in a while, you may be surprised! And secret confession #2 (the Cracker Barrel kitchen confession was #1), the gold quatrefoil bracelets that I always wear, and so many of you have commented on, are from Sam Moon. I just buy several packs of them so when the “gold” starts to peel off, I toss them and open a new pack!

Think Sam Moon is just jewelry? Take a gander at the purses, sunglasses and hair bows that also made there way into my shopping basket. In even better news, you can always purchase hair extensions, tacky polka dot luggage, and bedazzled cell phone cases there too (wink, wink). In all seriousness, I love Sam Moon and am not afraid to admit it.

Bad pic, but I LOVE statement bracelets. This peacock kind of rocked my world. With a simple white dress and gold earrings? Yes please!


Along the same lines. So cool.



Thought this little chevron ring would be fun for a night out. Especially since my "real" rings are still a little tight after my pregnancy.


$3.99? I'll take two!


Adore this bag! It came in several colors, and best of all was under $30. Score.

Cute little clutch. Came in a few colorways.




Picked up this little dandy hard clutch. $11.99. Seriously.


Fell for this print hook, line and sinker.



If I wore chunky necklaces, I would have bought this. I do not wear big necklaces due to my large head and short neck. I am not kidding you, I am pretty confident I have the largest head of any girl I know and big necklaces do me no favors.


Another awesome bracelet. Bought this to wear with a solid cocktail dress to a wedding this weekend, but ended up wearing it in a photo shoot.

I really loved these necklaces. It would be cool to wear some of the turquoise with the orange ones. Best part? The "sets" were $6.99.


Since when did Sam Moon sell Tory Burch for $5.99?


Best value in all of Sam Moon? The giant packs of Bows for $11.99! A must for any cute Southern girl.

Want to see some Sam Moon goodies in action?

Check it.
Check it.
Seriously, love that bird on my wrist!


Yep, all the “gold” jewelry is Sam Moon too 🙂

Pictures above are all from

Happy Shopping!!!