About Kristen

Gypsy Soul Interiors is the brainchild of Kristen Petty Dowd, an Alabama baby grass-fed and collegially reared in the Lone Star State. A purist when it comes to most things Southern, Kristen wildly abandons her roots in matters of the home. A pinch of traditional with equal parts funk and reckless abandon, Kristen’s style can only be defined as soulful living.

After graduating from TCU, Kristen took on the business world where she later met and married Ben, a successfully reformed Yankee. After more than 8 years with brief stints in Boston, San Diego and Atlanta where daughter Caroline and business Gypsy Soul Interiors were born, Kristen finally made her way back to Texas.

In 2009, Kristen expanded Gypsy Soul Interiors into a full-fledge interior design business anchored by vintage furniture re-sell, an area in which Kristen thrives. She applies her natural scavenger instincts to unearth funky, soulful, one of a kind furniture finds. So skilled in the hunt, Kristen has quickly became the “go to gal” and personal shopper for local design boutiques.

Kristen’s lineage includes a cadre of oil painters, and many of her grandmother’s paintings adorn the walls of her Dallas home. While oil has become her medium of late, Kristen is probably most well known for her forever memorialized high school bathroom. Given free-reign to paint and decorate her bathroom, Kristen chose puff paint, a favorite among high school girls in the 1990s. To this day, the bathroom, including the throne, all knobs, mirrors, walls, etc. remains untouched and totally puff painted to perfection.

Today, Kristen is taking her design prowess into the blogosphere with the launch of Gypsy Soul Interiors: The Blog. We’re pretty certain Kristen’s left her puff paint days behind and finally landed her gypsy soul in its rightful place.