July 9, 2018

Old Habits die hard, and sometimes they are immortal.



It is no secret that I am a creature of habit, like big time. I am also super adventuresome, but I think my sense of adventure is possible because I feel secure when I keep many factors of my life the same. Lately, I have had some of my habits tested and realize God is trying to get me out of my “ruts” for my own good and the good of my family. I won’t go deep today, but i will share more at a later time. My old habit of yoyo dieting and nightly wine is gone, and I am a truly changed person for that and physically have never felt better. Sometimes we search for safety and security in the comfort of things that aren’t good for us mentally, spiritually or physically. While we think we are “comfortable”, we really have no idea how much better life could be with a little shaky, uncomfortable change and growth. Read Romans 12:2 if you want to hear Gods promises for these shaky and scary changes in life. He promises us that the will of God is always perfect 🙂

Enough of the deep stuff though. Let me tell you about my favorite beauty “Habits” that I have literally used for over 20 years! Moving to Texas for college was big for me. I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama where we like our fancy clothes and our fancy shopping at Parisians or for big shopping, we would head to the Galleria in Birmingham or Lenox in Atlanta. The “fanciness” of Montgomery, could not have prepared me for what I was to experience in Texas though. When we got to TCU the first week, I remember thinking “these are my people.” These girls knew how to dress, how to seriously fix their hair, how to shop and how to accessorize. It was next level for me and I loved it. Ray had given Katherine and I very specific instructions as to where I was allowed to drive my car and the main one being, you cannot drive to Dallas. The first weekend in Fort Worth, we drove to Dallas (Sorry Ray.) Once i got a taste of North Park and the Galleria, Hulen Mall just wouldn’t do. Does anyone remember how great the Rampage store just outside of Dillards at Northpark was? One store that was new to me was Neimans. Now clearly, I couldn’t spend much at Neimans because I was a college student, but luckily my Dad also appreciates Neiman Marcus and the rich sense of tradition and experience that a trip to Neimans provides. He would let me get makeup, formal dresses and lunches at the Zodiac, on him, which was so sweet.

One day when looking for a new perfume at Neimans, I stumbled upon Jivago, and have never looked back. I love Quelque Fleur, but lets be real, 87% of sorority girls at TCU were wearing Quelque Fleur in 1998 and I wanted to be different. JIvago is very similar to Quelque Fleur, but has a few more hints of almost a deep tobacco than the floral undertones of Quelque Fleur. Still people mistake the two all the time, but if you have worn Jivago long, you can tell the difference. I still remember standing outside the Kappa Sig house at like 2:30am one night and a super drunk friend of mine who barely knew his name at that point, said, “I have never smelt a perfume that I like as much as that” as he was being carried in to the house by some less drunk fraternity brothers. Since 1998, Jivago has been my nightly perfume and about daily perfume in the winter. I still wear it some days in the summer but I switched to Jo Malone Red Roses for the day in about 2004. (See, I get stuck on certain products.) Jivago has a warm scent to me and the last thing I need in Texas summers is more warmth. Sadly, Neimans stopped caring Jivago about 8 years ago so I have to get on Amazon now, link above.

I had the best pledge class around and learned so much from my native Texan friends. The girls from Amarillo and Lubbock were extra fancy and usually had the best makeup and beauty tips for some reason. One of my dearest friends to this day, Stephanie Turner introduced me to the best deodorant ever on an epic trip to Las Vegas in 1997. She and her mama know beauty products and I love them for it. Ive been wearing Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant ever since that trip. I also usually get this at Neimans but I am sure they have it at any department store. It smells divine and works soooooo well. I am a super active and therefore super sweaty person and this completely takes care of it! I know that the trend is to wear natural deodorant, and I tried that last summer and can tell you that this homegirl needs real deodorant. i may try a more natural deodorant in the winter this year again, but I don’t have many vices so Im just going to consider chemical laden deodorant one of my vices and pray for the best at this point. The scent is also a rich and deep musky smell that is divine and will forever remind me of my long napping, long legged friend Steph.


These next two products are not super fancy but have literally been in my bathroom cabinet for at least 20 years as well. Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion is my jam. Again, it is probably super chemical laden and probably on the top of all the “bad lists” for skin care, but I cannot quit it. Its gotten me through the super freezing super dry winters in Boston and thats big. I love the smell, I love the sheen it gives my arms and legs when its summer, and I love the consistency. I have tried other lotions and always come back to this one. Its just the best, and I am addicted. I keep one bottle in the bathroom and one bottle next to my bed because I later up morning and night. I take about an hour long scalding  bath each night so my skin gets super dry, and this replenishes me completely. Again, its filled with methyl, ethyl who’s a whats its (technical term), but as of now I am taking my chances. You can find this pretty much at any drug store or Walmart.


Lastly, this velcro roller (seriously, this actual one) has traveled with me from Fort Worth to Marthas Vineyard back to Fort Worth, to Boston, to San Diego, to Atlanta and then to Dallas. Somehow these pink rollers that I purchased at Ulta in 1999 have literally traveled the country with me for 19 years. I don’t know how I have managed to keep these 4 for this long but I have. I have had to fill in with some of these from Sally Beauty Supply  a few years ago, but 4 of the original remain. My usual process is to wash my hair, dry it all the way with a round brush and then throw it in about 8 of these big curlers to smooth it out and add a little volume. Lately I have also started to just dry about 3/4 of the way just with my fingers and let my natural curl and wave do their thing, but I still put it up in these curlers when it is close to try to tame the ends a little. I have crazy hair and this process gives me some shape and control. I just pin them in with large bobby pins, do my makeup and then take them out right before I leave the house. I would like to wear in the car but my kiddos do not like that idea.


This is after straightening my hair with a round brush while blow drying. Still have a few more rollers to put in. Please note the Eileen West gown, details below 🙂




This is agter i have let it go a little bit more wavy before putting in velcro rollers.


So these are my old standbys! What are some of your favorites???? Anyone using certain products for 20 years or more?

Happy Shopping,



PS – Another product that I have been addicted to for well over 20 years are nightgowns from Eileen West, but no one wants to see a pic of me in those. My girls weekend last weekend confirmed that 5 of the 6 of my best friends since I was 6 years old are also addicted. Is this a Montgomery thing? I still laugh when I see myself in the long ones because my roommate when I lived in Boston would call it my Renaissance Faire attire. Lets picture this, I would sit out on our fire escape drinking vodka, eating a calzone and then smoking a cigarette in a Eileen West nightgown at age 23. Sexy.

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