May 29, 2018

My 40 year old skin care routine :)

I had several of you ask about my makeup and skincare routine last week. I will separate the two topics into different posts because Lord knows I love to talk about makeup and skin care. Lets start with the skin care, because the way your makeup lays all depends on the health of your skin. I will admit, I have not done the best job in taking care of my skin over the years. I am still guilty of falling asleep with makeup on, and maybe or maybe not, just touching it up and going about my day the next day. This wonderful habit started in my early twenties when I would be out until 3am drinking Cape Codders in Boston and then have to get up for work at 6. How in the heck did I ever do that???? Now I would say I was my face at least 5-6 nights a week, which is good for me.


As I have gotten older, I am struggling with redness. The redness likes to nestle on either side of my nose so it permanently looks like I have a cold. I have tried every wash and cream under the sun and have to say that Emminence Calm Skin Camomile Cleanser is my favorite. I feel like my face is actually clean but not stripped. I add a few shakes of the Emminence Rhubarb Dermafoliant  to my wash to exfoliate every three days or so. This line is completely organic and honestly so soothing.


The next step is something I just started about 2 months ago, but do feel like is a game changer. After I cleanse, I do one quick swipe with this Thayers alcohol free Rose Petal Witch Hazel. It has helped with my redness tremendously and is super inexpensive! I am also LOVING a spray of Avene Eau Thermal after the witch hazel to calm my skin even more.



After the cleaning and toning, I finish my face with NeoCutis BioCream Riche and then a dab of Neocutis Lumiere Riche for my eyes and I am almost done!Neocutis is like bringing out the big guns. I am definitely getting lines and wrinkles by the day and this stuff really heads that off. Most people will not admit to this either, but I do get Botox twice a year in my forehead and over my top lip. My late nights in Boston may or may not have included a few cigarettes and the damage is definitely there. The shot over the lip helps smooth those lines out. I also have a RBF (google it if you don’t know what it is) and I purse my lips constantly which adds to the lines. Neocutis is expensive but lasts forever and really works.

Ive started to need a good firming neck cream and as I continue to lose weight, I think the need will be even greater. I like Nectifirm, which I picked up from my dermatologist.

Not really skin care related but I have to share anyway. I have found a new Holy Grail of hair treatments. One of my college friends, Lauren Matthews, shared this product from Olaplex on Instagram last week. Here is the thing, I like to take bits and pieces of recommendations from friends and beauty writers, but if Lauren Matthews likes it, then its good. Lauren has never had a hair out of place or an outfit that was not perfectly curated since I met her at Rush in 1996. Most of my mom friends and I joke about the fact that we have days we look homeless and days we look super cute and there is not much in between. I can safely say Lauren Matthews does not ever look homeless. I have struggled with breakage from over coloring and have to be super careful with what I use. I put this Olaplex in my wet hair and left for 4 hours approximately and then washed. The directions say 10 Minutes but if you google it, most people suggest several hours or overnight. So then I washed, conditioned and only dried about 3/4 of the way so that I could use my natural waves. Look at how healthy this looks!!!! Huge bonus was that I did not use any heat tools like my normal flat iron or curling wand. I purchased my bottle at Sephora but I am sure there are other places to find it.

Blurry pic because I was trying to zoom in.

I just read through this post and it may win as the “most boring post of all time.” I am freaking tired. Moms you with me? Who the heck decided that three days of school after Memorial Day was a good idea? and what dumb butt mom signed her child up for sleep away camp the day after school ends??? That would be me. I am frantically packing my little girl for camp, and finishing  up our last week of school. This May has kicked my ass. Anyone else?

Please share my site and send me some skincare questions because I clearly cannot think tonight!

Have a great week!


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