May 10, 2018

Favorite Outfit Finds !

I’ve decided to start blogging again! I love writing and love sharing fashion, interiors and family products and prefer this vehicle so I can attach links.

Many of you know I have a love of clothes, but life is expensive so I have to be smart about purchases and smart about my closet. My closet is so much smaller than you may expect, I just have learned over the years what fits my body and what will be versatile to pair in various ways. I am not short, not tall, not a size 2 and not a plus size, and I really haven’t found many blogs that cater to this average size. My focus will primarily be for us gals between a size 8 and a size 14, but will always showcase clothes that look good on many different sizes too!  You will see that I buy a good bit in the petite section, because, as much as we don’t want to admit it, 5’4 is petite and not regular. Let me tell you girls, when you start buying pants/jeans in the petites section, it will change your life. Hems are correct, inseams are correct, and the “all important but often over looked” knee break actually hits in the correct spot. All that being said, I have wide shoulders and long arms and absolutely cannot buy tops or jackets in the petite section. Its taken me 40 years to figure out what looks the best on my body and I love helping others do the same. Please share my site with friends and please send in questions! I love to answer questions about fashion and fit for all body types. I also looove to locate hard to find items that you are searching for, so please send in any questions you have to


So for my outfit of the day, I LOVE a good pair of shorts. Right now, I have these babies on repeat.

I purchased the navy and the navy stripe. I love that they have a slit in the sides and love the fit. They run a bit large though. I am wearing a size Large and maybe could have sized down but not sure. The top I am wearing is this one from Old Navy, once again, I have this in the yellow floral and this navy stripe. I am wearing a large in this top and do have to safety pin it or the girls will be a little too visible if you know what I mean. I am not seeing the navy and white stripe on the Old Navy site, but they had plenty when I was in the store.

Such a light and versatile outfit for the daily mama grind! Please share the site with your friends and follow me on Instagram @gypsysoulshops.



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