May 24, 2018

Express still one of my faves and I’m 40!

Ive been on a weight loss journey this month and finally have found success. I have lost15 lbs in 3.5 Weeks and found myself actually needing some new clothes. I was hesitant to buy anything new because my goal is really to lose 20 more, but as you will see from these pictures, homegirl looked like a bag lady. ( I am happy to share how I have lost weight, but please email me at instead of posting, because I know what a private and personal issue weight struggles can be.)


I had seen a cute ad for Express and decided to head in there while I was at the Galleria. As an aside, I proudly claim that the Galleria is my favorite Dallas mall hands down. It still has such a glamorous feel and reminds me of my childhood when we would travel to Atlanta to stay and Shop at Lenox or at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham and that is totally my jam. I also am obsessed with he Paper for Water installation over the ice rink right now, and if you missed the 70s fashion exhibit earlier this year then I’m sad for you, because it was amazing. i digress…

So i wandered into Express to see if they had any transitional clothes for me right now and I was amazed at the selection! I loved so many items. I do think Express is cut a little more on the petite side length wise. I am 5’4″ ISH and the length is always spot on for me. I also like my clothes a little shorter than most 40 year olds so also keep that in mind ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a whole bushel of clothes to try on and these ended up being my faves!

As you will see, this cute top and shorts is looking a little bit big.) PCRS folks, keep your eyes peeled for clothes for sale from me ๐Ÿ™‚


Full disclosure, i am not a fancy blogger with fancy pictures. Trying to get real images of real and imperfect body in cute clothes for y’all. Also, Express has the worst lighting that literally scalds you from the head down. I seriously thought I was going into early menopause with hot flashes in these dressing rooms. I feel the same way in the Preston Royal Athlete store. High beam track lighting in tight spaces is stifling. Seriously, I am 3 seconds from a panic attack in both those dressing rooms. Geez, I can get off track…

I love this outfit below. So much so, that I purchased every piece. I love a good black flutter sleeve top y’all. I carry my weight in my middle and I feel like a flutter sleeve, a puff, an angel wing or a balloon sleeve really balances my body and gives the illusion of a waist when I, in fact, do not have one. My bust, waist, and hips are all about the same diameter. I have a ghetto booty though, so that kind of balances it in the back. ย I love how these shorts fit. They are not too long and not too short and hit me right below my belly button. I know high rises are popular but they are really just for people who have flat stomachs. Everyone says, ” oh they hide my tummy.” I am here to tell you, they do not. If you have a tummy, or a pooch, or that weird bulge above your c-section scar (Or like me have all three) high rises do you no favors. You look pregnant people, and the higher waist and longer zipper just accentuate what you are trying to hide. A waist band that hits about 1.5″ below you belly button is going to break up the pooch and help you out. These shorts are a mid rise, and I am wearing a 12.I am wearing a Large in the top.


There is a significant amount of stretch so ill report back if they stretch too much. The belt is simply darling. I bought the pink and black versions. I will say the sizing is misleading. I grabbed a M/L which i would assume fit 8-12, but it seems more like a 14-18, so ended up with the S/M. There is nothing small about me so don’t let the sizing fool you. Im even wondering if they were mis marked? Express is now carrying up to a size 18, so girls in those size ranges, they now carry your size too, and its not just online, I saw all the sizes up to 18 in the store!


I look so serious. I was serious. I had 37 minutes until preschool carpool line. Carpool lines still make me anxious!


The length is right between “hooch” and “Field Trip Driver Apparel.” Exactly where i like it.


Links to each of these pieces. i do not see the solid flutter sleeve top online, but they had plenty in the store.

I also adore this combo. This top ties in the front in a good place to hide the above referenced pooch without looking like a maternity top. I like that I can tie it tighter as i continue to lose weight. The arms again are oversized so it again creates the illusion of a waist. I bought the Large in this top. These shorts are so darling too! The are the low rise distressed denim short (Link below.) The rise is definitely lower than the camo ones, but not significantly. If you have skinny legs, I am not sure these will work for you. I have a booty and pretty muscular thighs and they are just on the edge of being too wide in the thigh opening. I am wearing a 12 in the shorts.

Love these shorts! And this top!


It cracks me up how different these clothes look on me than on the models in the pictures. This is exactly why I wanted to do this blog! So many of you are real women that fall between the tiny sizes and plus sizes and I really want to show you how to shop and what will flatter your body! I love questions and please continue sharing my site!


Happy Shopping!



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