October 5, 2017

Huge Thank you and an Update on Heavenly Care!!!

I will be posting follow ups to my GoFundMe campaign for Heavenly Care Child Development center on this site going forward. Its better than clogging everyones Facebook feeds and gives me a great platform to share pictures and videos. If you have not read the story behind this campaign, I strongly urge you to. God very specifically spoke to me and put me in a physical location that can only be described as Divine Intervention in order to help a group of people last year. I am fulfilling my promise to him to carry through with his request and honestly, am gaining more personally and spiritually than I could have imagined.  Please click here and read the backstory. It will give you chills.


First of all, just a thank you does not feel sufficient for everyones generosity! So many of you have donated financially, with goods or with services and we are blown away. The list of needs is super long but when you step into this school, you realize how incredibly fulfilled and happy these kids are with so little. That is all due to the teachers and staff and their creativity, passion and love for these special kids.

I visited Friday and was greeted by about 20 of the cutest doctors I could imagine. Mrs. Lewis, who teaches the 4 year old class, instills in these children that they can be anything. She wants them to know that they can be anything no matter their race, sex, religion or socioeconomic background. When I came in, she had stations for “Pet Doctors”, “Baby Doctors” and “Adult Doctors.” I LOVE this woman and her selfless passion for the kids.

Dr Kenya

While I was there, I got to go visit Miss Ruby who cooks for all these children. She was fixing beets! Beets! And the children were gobbling them up! A) She is a hell of a cook and B) When I was reminded that some of these kiddos do not have food at home, you realize how delicious beets can taste to them 🙁 Luckily, they are being subsidized for the students food during business hours. Mrs. Vanetta likes to give some little bags of food to some of the children in the evening and on the weekends, because some do not have any at home. Part of the money donated will be used to buy some non perishables. If you would like to donate some food, good ideas would be granola bars, apple sauce packets, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, cereals etc. Please contact me about how to make a food donation. Because there are small children at the school, its safer for me to make once week trip vs strangers coming in constantly. Many of us with young kids in preschools understand that the stranger in the school situation is something that has to be monitored closely, even if it is all to help the kids.

I was able to drop off about 8 boys Halloween costumes while there as well. If you remember, the staff has to create costumes for many of the children for Halloween. I learned that the school takes a field trip to the local nursing home on Halloween and does a parade for the elderly residents. How wonderful is that!!! So the teachers like to make sure each child is included and has something similar to a costume on. I know I have old costumes, and will be donating some, but I ask if anyone is cleaning out closets and playrooms and has costumes, or pieces of costumes, please think about donating to Heavenly Care!

Another amazing story I was told on Friday is how Heavenly Care celebrates birthdays. Many of the children do not have the funds to bring cupcakes to school, and some may not even have cupcakes or cake at home, so Mrs. Vanetta uses her own money to make their birthdays special. She also thinks its important that the children know how to bake a cake as a life skill. Amen sister. So she brings all the ingredients to school and they bake and serve their own cupcakes!!! How much fun is that!!! Just look at these pictures! She also tries to give them one or two small presents on that day! Seriously, this woman is an angel!



Lastly, I want to post the video of them receiving their first installment of the money from Go Fund Me. They were moved beyond words, and spent the next 10 minutes crying and praising Jesus.

Vanetta and Mrs Lewis

My visit ended with the most heart felt and God filled prayer that Ive ever been a part of. They thanked God for our connection, for everyones generosity and then prayed for me. Specific prayers that I am not sure how they knew I needed right their at that very moment. It was magical.

Thank you everyone again!

Here are my bullet point lists of what would be helpful for the school currently. I am managing the donations because its a small facility and while so much is needed, they cannot be inundated with boxes etc because there is not a lot of room.

  • Financial contributions. This way, they, or I can buy what is needed when. On the immediate list is corn dogs and ride tickets for the Fair, and money to fix the stairs in the back.
  • Halloween Costumes – Size 12m -6X primarily.
  • Underwear
  • Diaper cream
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • I mentioned the stairs in the back above. I am sure this would be an amazing project for a boy scout Troop or Young Mens Service League? Let me know if you may have any contacts here.
  • A locksmiths evaluation

If you feel led to donate, please do so through the link above or email me at GypsySoulInteriors@gmail.com and I will coordinate with you!


Thank you so much to everyone!!!



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