November 5, 2016

Carolines Creations benefitting Every Mother Counts and Dream Park Fort Worth

My name is Caroline, but lots of people call me Cici. I have been working on pictures with my mommy to sell to raise money for Every Mother Counts and DreamPark Fort Worth. I chose to do a service project as my semester project at my school. I am in the 3rd grade. When my mommy was telling me about different charities, I wanted to choose DreamPark and Every Mother Counts because they help mommies and kids.


I chose to do some paintings to sell to raise money. My mommy is an artist and I love working with her so it was a perfect idea for us. I love to travel with my mom, dad and baby brother and so she gave me the idea to paint some cities I like. New York and Fort Worth are two of my five favorite cities so I chose to paint them. My other three favorite cities are Boston, Paris and Jackson, Mississippi.

Hard at work

Hard at work




DreamPark is a park that is being built in Fort Worth, Texas for children with special needs and not special needs to play at together. 131 children out of 1000 children receive special needs services in Texas. The idea of DreamPark was found in Wisconsin at a park that was accessible to all children and Mrs. Churchill had the idea to bring it to Texas. I would like to donate money to DreamPark because I had a friend in my kindergarten class that had special needs and I know he would like to play on this playground. My paintings benefitting DreamPark are of the Fort Worth Stampede Longhorns at Christmas time. My family and I go to Fort Worth A LOT! My mommy tells everyone she would move there. I am also becoming a Fort Worth girl. Every year we go to the Fort Worth Stock Show and multiple times a year we go to the cattle stampede down in the Stockyards. Cattle, including longhorns are a big part of Fort Worth history so I wanted to paint them on my Christmas painting. I used the colors from the Christmas painting to paint an abstract painting to match.






Every Mother Counts is a non profit that I learned about from my mommies friend, Kristen. Kristen works for Every Mother Counts and is always running races to make people know about poor care for mommies and babies around the world. In 2012, 500,000 moms died from being pregnant and having babies. There are three reasons that mommies die or become sick during pregnancy and childbirth. One is transportation. Two is education. Three is a lack of medical supplies. EMC raises money through running races which symbolizes the distance of how long some mommies have to walk to get to a hospital for medical care. In 2016 instead of 500,000 mommies dying, only 300,000 mommies died. Every Mother Counts has raised over 2.2 million dollars pregnancy and childbirth care. I chose to paint a picture of New York at nighttime with Rockefeller Center in it. The taxis have ads for Hamilton, American Girl Doll Store, and Dylan’s Candy Bar because they are some of my favorite things in Manhattan. I also painted a church in the picture. We have a matching abstract painting if you don’t want the city scene.






We will be selling my paintings and prints at West Elm Mockingbird Station in Dallas on Sunday, November 6th from 11-3. Please come see my paintings and support both of these charities.




We will have prints, framed prints, acrylic blocks, and boxes of 8 notecards in all the designs available.



If you would like to order online, you can email my mom at and put “Carolines Creations” in the subject line. She will mail your order to you or you can do porch pick up in Dallas. She accepts paypal, venmo, cash and credit Card.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will consider ordering my prints.




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