August 27, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #2

Dirty Little Secret #2 – All my crafty ideas do not turn out well. Being an artist and a mom is all about accepting the fact that you make mistakes, lots of them. I thought you would enjoy this pic of a blog post/ craft project gone awry.

Sad little girl with sad little crayon project.

I had read this blog post from The Mrs. Preppy and loved the idea. I thought I was going to go one step further and make this gorgeous melted crayon extravanganza. Lots of things went wrong with this project. So you do not make the same mistake, here are my lessons. A) not all crayon colors melt the same B)those cheapy crayons you get for free at restaurants are made of mostly oil, which pools and then turns grey. C) It takes a freaking long time to unwrap 900 million crayons. Moral of the story, this project sucked.


Here is to a fun week and hopefully a successful craft project!


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