August 14, 2012

“Bling” Dallas Style!

I am genetically pre-disposed to love costume jewelry. My grandmother, Beverly, or “Bebby” as we called her clearly passed on her love of faux baubles to me. At 80 something she was known to pair a leopard top with a mint green skirt and the gaudiest CZ pins you have ever seen to church on Easter. At 14, it was embarassing. As I have gotten older, I love it. This is also the grandmother that my father lovingly referred to as “the narc” because she flew planes with the Civil Air Patrol looking for marijuana fields in her 70’s and 80’s. Bebby didn’t give a s*** what others thought of her and her ensembles. I possess that gene, and frankly, I hope I pass a little of that on to Caroline too.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love “real” jewelry too, but the life stage I am in right now means that my real jewelry is usually in my jewelry box or it will be broken or barfed on repeatedly. So where do I go for the best of the best in bling? Sam Moon of course!!! My in-laws were in town last weekend and out of town guests are always a good excuse to head down to Harry Hines and shop. Another little tidbit, if you go to the HH store, check out the cheapy clothing stores in the shopping center, I have found some really cool trendy tops at these places.

While at Sam Moon, I snapped a few pics of some of my fave pieces. Disregard the quality of the iPhone pics and my lack of make-up. If you haven’t been in a while, you may be surprised! And secret confession #2 (the Cracker Barrel kitchen confession was #1), the gold quatrefoil bracelets that I always wear, and so many of you have commented on, are from Sam Moon. I just buy several packs of them so when the “gold” starts to peel off, I toss them and open a new pack!

Think Sam Moon is just jewelry? Take a gander at the purses, sunglasses and hair bows that also made there way into my shopping basket. In even better news, you can always purchase hair extensions, tacky polka dot luggage, and bedazzled cell phone cases there too (wink, wink). In all seriousness, I love Sam Moon and am not afraid to admit it.

Bad pic, but I LOVE statement bracelets. This peacock kind of rocked my world. With a simple white dress and gold earrings? Yes please!


Along the same lines. So cool.



Thought this little chevron ring would be fun for a night out. Especially since my "real" rings are still a little tight after my pregnancy.


$3.99? I'll take two!


Adore this bag! It came in several colors, and best of all was under $30. Score.

Cute little clutch. Came in a few colorways.




Picked up this little dandy hard clutch. $11.99. Seriously.


Fell for this print hook, line and sinker.



If I wore chunky necklaces, I would have bought this. I do not wear big necklaces due to my large head and short neck. I am not kidding you, I am pretty confident I have the largest head of any girl I know and big necklaces do me no favors.


Another awesome bracelet. Bought this to wear with a solid cocktail dress to a wedding this weekend, but ended up wearing it in a photo shoot.

I really loved these necklaces. It would be cool to wear some of the turquoise with the orange ones. Best part? The "sets" were $6.99.


Since when did Sam Moon sell Tory Burch for $5.99?


Best value in all of Sam Moon? The giant packs of Bows for $11.99! A must for any cute Southern girl.

Want to see some Sam Moon goodies in action?

Check it.
Check it.
Seriously, love that bird on my wrist!


Yep, all the “gold” jewelry is Sam Moon too 🙂

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Happy Shopping!!!




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