August 30, 2012

Another confession, a cleaning product and popsicles. How is that for random?

Anyone else ready for pre-school to start? I almost drove both kids to the liqour store today to pick up some Skinny Girl Margaritas. Unfortunately, I couldnt get my Sh** together enough to make it out the door before 3. Luckily we had friends coming over who brought wine. That being said, I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. Especially blog posts that are not remotely thought provoking or even design oriented at all.

Todays post is a melange of a few mommy tips that may or may not be helpful at all. Gosh I am chipper this evening huh?

Here we go.

#1 ) A confession. I color my own hair. Well for the past 10 months I’ve colored my own hair. I have had it professionally colored for almost 20 years, yep, since the 7th grade. I was literally.  Dark roots since birth, coupled with the fact that I have horse hair, as my grandmother referred to it, I have never received compliments on my hair. I would be interested to know how many kitchen remodels I could purchase with the amount I have spent in salons over the years.

When prego withBanks, I was sick as a dog. I was able to get my hair half colored once before puking in the salon. So I had to move on to plan B. Plan B was to highlight my own hair at home without all the salon smells. I paint on canvases so I figured I could paint on my hair too. Lord knows I have seen enough stylists do it. I headed to Sally Beauty Supply, where for a whopping $8.93 I was outfitted with the tools to highlight my big horse hair. The ladies at the store showed me what I needed, and ask them what level of developer (look at me throwing around lingo) you will need based on your natural color. For my dark blond/ mousy brown base, I use a level 30 developer. I also chose the “Blue” highlights instead of “Violet” to eliminate any brassiness.

The highlights I use.



The ladies at the store told me to mix the developer with highlighting powder until it looks like jello. Yep, it is just that technical.

It looks like this when it is correctly mixed.

I am too lazy to write all the steps on where to brush the color, but its really pretty easy. Basically grab a 4 year old who has a similar hair color to you and observe where the natural highlights hit. Luckily, I live with a 4 year old who has the exact same hair that I do, sans the 20 years of highlights.

Brush it on and leave for approximately 30 minutes. You will look hot during this process. Like this.

Hot I tell ya.


Ok, so after 30 mins, you simply wash out. I use a Redken product called ” So Silver” shampoo and condition to eliminate any brassy tones. It works wonderfully.

As you can see the highlights are super natural. I have to admit, I have never felt more confident about my hair color. I knew I was on to something when the uber stylish Sam Sano commented on how great my hair color looked recently. I have never in my life received compliments on my hair so it was kind of a big deal. Hmmm, maybe I should forget furniture and start “fixin hair”? j/k


If anyone out there hates the cost/ smell/ experience of a salon, you may want to try your local Sally Beauty Supply. Don’t go buying hair color at the grocery store though. Those products are totally different and will turn your hair orange.


Tidbit of Info #2 ) If you want to have your 4 year old help you clean, give them their own spray bottle filled with water, vinegar and lemon juice. Caroline calls it her “squirt cleaner”. The combo of liquids is obviously non-toxic, smells great and cannot hurt finishes. She had a ball helping mommy clean today!


The flower crown helps too.


#3) My last potentially useless tidbit of info is what fun we had making watermelon popcicles the other day. I am sure there are fancier recipes for watermelon popsicles, but this is what we had in the pantry and they were delish.  I put watermelon in a colander centered over a glass bowl and let Caroline go to town. She squeezed and pounded all the juice with joy. Once she was done, I took a knife and shredded the watermelon into tiny pieces. We filled popsicle molds 3/4 full with juice only, then added a squirt of Agave nectar, squirt of lemon juice and small chunks of watermelon to each mold. Once frozen, we each had one and they were so delicious. I also highly recommend this popsicle mold with a straw to suck all the potentially white sofa staining juice from the bottom. (And yes, that is a Bumbo seat on my counter, and yes I know they have been recalled. )









So there you go. Hope these little bits of info may help you out around your house with little ones!

Happy Shopping!!



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