April 6, 2012

Random Friday Post

I have had all these “Oh, I need to share that” moments lately, none of which warrants their own blog post. I’ve thrown them all together in a random Good Friday post for you readers ūüôā

Let the randomness begin…

If you know me well, you know I love make-up almost as much as funky interiors. I have loved everything cosmetics since I was a little ¬†girl, playing with my mom’s Ultima II “Sparkling Bordeaux” lipstick. Bonus points if you remember Ultima II. I was really young when our department store stopped carrying it and my mom switched to the “uber hip for Montgomery” brand of Clinique. Speaking of Clinique, does anyone remember the sheer lipgloss they used to sell called Fruit Ice. I loved that color. In the chronology of colors that make me cry because they aren’t made anymore, you can add Trish McEvoy’s lip pencil #17 Metallic Nude.

For literally the past 15 years, I have worn mostly Trish McEvoy with the occasionally dabbling in Laura Mercier. Nothing I tried could ever top Trish’s products for my particular skin (typical combination skin, starting to get a couple of wrinkles I hate to admit).¬†At a dinner party the other weekend, my gorgeous friend Jackie mentioned that she had gotten all new makeup the day before. Her skin looked amazing and I was really drawn to the colors on her eyes. Jackie has green eyes like me and we tend to be able to wear the same colors. When I asked, she said that the brand was Tom Ford. In Dallas, Tom Ford is sold at a couple of department stores, but the Neimans at Northpark is the preferred dealer and they carry the most colors. I decided it was time for a change, so I headed to NP the next Monday. I usually get really annoyed with cosmetic counter make up artists and always ask if they are employed by the department store or the cosmetics line first. Told you I am picky. An amazing artist named Justina helped me find just the right colors, and she even used a different eye pallet than what I saw on Jack, and I loved it. I will say, its not cheap, but I have gotten soooo many compliments on my makeup in the last couple of weeks. I think the main difference is the concept of layering the pigments for a more natural look. Justina is amazing at explaining the process/ steps if you live in the Dallas area. She works at the Neiman’s Tom Ford counter.

I bought the following products and plan to go back to try the Tom Ford Concealer. I do not use a foundation, so I can’t really review, but I am sure its great. So after 15 years, I am a changed woman. Sorry Trish, Tom is my guy now.

I also plan to go back this week and try out the primer that so many people are raving about. I am skeptical though, as I have tried so many primers only to be disappointed because they make my face feel heavy. I don’t wear foundation for the same reason. I think most foundations actually make people look older too.

Even the packaging is swanky..


Next on the agenda, I am finally on board with the colored denim epidemic. Strange time to finally be on board when I am 9 months preggo, but lucky for me Gap Maternity came through. Gap carries 3 colors in a maternity fit and a host of other colors in regular sizes. I ordered the hot pink Maternity jeans seen here. The top of the maternity jeans make them best for first/second  trimester or postpartum, the waistband is a tad snug this late in the game. I also recommend ordering a size down. My cute friend Megan came to girls night on Saturday in the non-maternity version, also from Gap in bright yellow. I loved them so much I had to go ahead and order for after the little man makes his arrival! Both of these versions are very light and great for summer (Even in Texas).

Maternity Left, Regular Right ūüôā



Ok, now how is this for random? Something you didn’t even know you needed… To preface, we bought a house that was built in the 70’s and remodeled sometime around 2006. Our master bath has a jetted bathtub which completely grosses me out. Who knows what lives deep in those jets, and I would never ever turn it on while bathing. About once a month, I run clorox through the system for about an hour to kill any germs that may be lurking. I still would notice particles of black stuff when I would run the jets during subsequent cleaning. I did some internet research only to find out that this is a really common problem and was, in fact, mold from trapped water. G to the Ross. I finally landed on a product called Ahh- Some.¬†It seemed that most of the reviews were really positive for this stuff, so I tried it. I followed the directions and will say you have to monitor it, because it can get bubbly fast. After running this two times, no more black stuff. I have tested the jets now several times since and its still clean. If you have a jetted tub, especially one that has been used by someone other than you, I would get this stuff ASAP!

Fancy Packaging I know.



Lastly, I was in charge of snacks for my favorite 4 year old’s Easter party today. She and I made Oreo Easter basket cookies and Peeps bird nests for her class. They were a huge success! They are pretty self explanatory, but you can find tons of similar recipes on Pinterest. They would be fun activities to make with the little kiddos in your life this weekend!

Those are "Nerds" for eggs, and "Twizzler Rope" for handles.


Chow Mein Noodle Nest are made just like you make Rice Crispies Treats.

See I told you my post today was random. Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter weekend!


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