April 4, 2012

No Dad, those are not giant sculptures of teeth.

So there was a bonus to my rug buying trek to Ikea a few weeks ago. As Cici and I were heading to the checkout lines, I saw what I thought had to be too good to be true. I slowly approached a group of employees un-crating some beautiful white plastic-ness. Could it be? Was it? There is no way I could be this lucky??…. YES! It was!!!! The shipment of white Vago chairs was being unloaded in front of my very eyes!

Let me preface this by saying I have wanted a set of Vago’s for several years now and was never quick enough to get them before selling out. Then, as some of you will remember, they were discontinued until spring of last year, when they came back in black, white and yellow I think. I missed out last year too ๐Ÿ™

So my pregnant self rearranged my 4 year old and somehow managed to lodge 4 of these chairs into our buggy (I’m from Alabama and we say “buggy”).

Here is the pic of two of the four I purchased. I also snagged the cute little cocktail table in the middle. The tops lifts off and becomes a drink tray.

Finally, I have a set of Ikea Vago chairs

I love the lines of these chairs, even though my dad thought they were actually “some weird teeth sculptures”. They are sleek, modern and actually super comfortable! They remind me of a Kartell product.

There are whole websites devoted to the hunt for Vago chairs, and you can find some great pics on Pinterest and Houzz of Vago’s used in various designs. Below are my fave pics from Pinterest.






Did I mention the best part? Oh yeah, they are $24.99 each! Seriously folks. Seriously.

Did anyone else snag some? I’d love to see pics. I hear the Frisco store still has some pink and black. The rumor is that they will have more white in stock soon though!

Happy Shopping!


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