March 30, 2012

Easy Easter Project – Egg Wreath

Most of you are way more crafty than I am, so this post may be kind of juvenile to you, but thought it was worth a mention. Caroline and my mom had gotten all these foam eggs and foam Easter stickers from Target a few weeks ago. In our house, we can do “stickery” as she calls it, for hours. So they decorated all these eggs which left me with a dilemma. Do I tape each egg up to the wall? Do I make something more sturdy with it to theoretically keep forever? or…Do I toss them? I chose the “good mommy” answer and decided to make a more sturdy decoration.

We headed out to Hobby Lobby and purchased one of their straw wrapped wreath forms to glue the eggs on to. I then picked up two spools of Spring color grosgrain ribbon to use as accents. I did a quick wrap with the pink and then we began hot gluing the decorated eggs to the form. The wreath looked a little bare, so I then hot glued more of the accent stickers in all of the blank spaces. Caroline picked where they would go and I was the official gluer. I think it turned out pretty cute for a quick project and I highly recommend the craft for 2-7 year old kiddos, they will love the initial “stickery” on the eggs!


Started with Target foam Easter stickers


Caroline's favorite egg she decorated ๐Ÿ™‚


Hobby Lobby wreath form with grosgrain ribbon wrapping.


Just the large eggs glued to wreath. Looked a little bare to me.


Finished project!


Have a great weekend!



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