March 12, 2012

Cici’s Room

Some of you know me personally, but for those of you who don’t, I readily admit I am particular. Very particular. Borderline “difficult to work with”, because I am so particular. I come by it honestly though. If you would meet my dad and his mother, you would know that we have a strong willed and extremely persnickety gene thats pretty dominant. My dad and I firmly believe in the mantra ” Do it. Do it right. And Do it right NOW”.

So how does this character trait relate to design? Well i’ll tell you. I have been working hard on Caroline’s room before the new baby comes. I found this gorgeous bedding at Horchow Finale and loved how sophisticated it was while still girly and juvenile.

Ferran New York Climbing Vines Bedding

I picked out the bedding completely on a whim, which is also how I work. If I love it, I buy it. I worry about how things will “go together” later. I had this awesome pair of green campaigners at the Gypsy Soul Store and actually had a client who needed to use just one, so I decided to use the mate and the greens were perfect. So I now had bedding, and a nightstand.

Nightstand from Gypsy Soul Interiors

Then came the paint, I had to have a pale pink. Pale pink with warm tones though, and apparently the light in our home turns all pinks into purples. I wanted to use a lighter shade of the punchy pink tone in the bedding. Therefore we went through about 10 sample cans until I finally found the color, “Apricot Ice from Valspar”. One would think that having the word “Apricot” in a heading would mean orange, but it was a perfect warm pale pink. Some of you may say a green or a beige would have been easier to match, and yes, maybe it would have been, but it wouldn’t have been “right” for the room.

Pink Paint Graveyard

Then came the actual furniture situation. I knew I wanted a chaise, or as Caroline calls it a “princess chair”. As much as I am done with overly French feeling furniture for main living areas, there is no better place for a curvy elegant French chaise than in a 4 year old’s room. Luckily my super sleuth friend Grace found exactly what I was looking for on Craigslist. So I hoofed up to cattle country Texas and brought home the perfect “Princess Chair”. Actually, I didn’t bring it home, I took it straight to the upholsterer where he did his magic, covering the chair in a tan/ white all weather trellis fabric.

Frenchy "Princess Chair"

Chaise Fabric from Fabric Factory

I thought we wanted to do a bigger bed than a twin, and actually went out and purchased a queen mattress and had planned to use the wicker folding screen available at Gypsy Soul Interiors for the headboard. I went so far as to actually setting her room up with the screen and the queen bed, but unfortunately it was not right.

Bedding is cute, girl is cuter. Layout sucks. Gotta go.

So out went the queen bed and in came the twin again. This time, the twin was gussied up with the coolest vintage wicker canopy bed, also from Craigslist. I spent last week sanding and repainting this monster. I did a lead test kit because there was some question as to whether it was manufactured before or after 1978 and then I painted the whole thing with my pregnant ass sitting in the tall grass. At one point I thought to myself, “this grass is pretty tall and our winter has been pretty mild, I hope there are no snakes”. And then after the painting was done when my husband was helping me move said bed, his face turned pale and he said for me and Cici to get inside immediately. Ben doesn’t get worked up about much so I knew there was either a dead body or live snakes under the bed we were moving. It happened to be the latter. Oh well, several dead snakes later, the bed was fully painted and put up in her room.

Craigslist pic of awesome canopy bed! I could see the potential.

To round out the room, I used a great antique vanity that my mom had found at Eastbrook Flea Market (shout out to the ‘Gump) in my hometown. Eastbrook is a treasure trove in Montgomery, Alabama and you must hit it up if you happen to be in the area. Hint : Skip the entire main floor of Eastbrook. It sucks. Crappy hot pink and black painted French Provincial pieces and your grandmothers antique washstands are what you will find on the main floor. Head downstairs to where the rent is cheaper and the good “junk” can be found.  I finished out the vanity with a vintage Drexel chair that had the original vintage Waverly ikat fabric on it from the late 1960’s. Chair was an estate sale find about 2 years ago.

Vanity from "Aya"

Vanity from "Aya"

Ok, so where does that leave me. It leaves me with the fact that I must have a pink chevron rug. The rug has to be a shade of pink between the walls and the pink in the bedding. I googled “Pink chevron rug” and found exactly what I needed on this lovely blog post.

Madeline Weinrib Rug from Making it Lovely

So here is the problem. #1) Ms. Madeline does not make this colorway anymore #2) My husband would divorce me if I paid retail for a pink MW rug for Cici’s room. Therefore I was on a hunt. My wonderful Facebook followers offered some great suggestions, and if you are looking for a similar rug, check out my Facebook wall “GypsySoulInteriors” for some great ideas. Unfortunately, none of these ideas were “right” and as I said it has to be “right” and perfect, and exactly what is in my mind or I might explode. I was obsessed with her room having the perfect rug. My persnickety personality led to me numerous retail stores, wholesale showrooms, and countless Etsy sites in search of the perfect pink chevron. The closest two runners up had to be this one from Genevieve Gorder for Capel Rugs and the Diamond Dhurrie from Pottery Barn Kids.

Capel Rugs Pink Usbek

Pottery Barn Kids Diamond Dhurrie

The Capel rug was on One Kings Lane on Thursday, but it was still $1,000 and, being 8 months pregnant, I don’t have time for a divorce on the grounds of “Spent too much on childs rug”.

The Pottery Barn one is pretty, but its just too dark, and there is too much pink. I need a pretty even white : pink ratio.

Because I was completely unwilling to settle for anything less than exactly what I wanted, I attempted the impossible. I packed up Caroline and we headed on a northward trek. A trek to Ikea. I was going to paint a rug, damn it. I had to have a certain color, and a certain pattern and was not going to settle. We bought a flat weave white Erslav rug for a whopping $69.99 and headed to Lowes for painters tape and paint. Approximately 3 hours later, the perfect pink chevron rug was drying on my kitchen floor. Luckily Ben was out of town so I didn’t have to worry that he would freak out about my painting project on the kitchen floor. Tape came off Saturday morning and rug was laid. It is perfect. Beyond perfect. And this little girl better know how much her mama loves her. She is the only one I would do the work again for in a heartbeat:)

Here are a few “almost finished” pics. Lighting is terrible since all the pics are from my phone 🙂




I am going to post a DIY blog this week on the exact steps I used. I will say there was no measuring  involved, as I don’t measure squat. Ever. If a project requires a ruler or a tape measure, don’t involve me. This includes hanging wall art. I will also say, I found a couple of great painted rug blogs online, but they had too many steps. I wanted a washed out kind of look so I was able to eliminate about 8 steps from most of the other rug painting tutorials.

Her room still needs some tweaking and some accessories, but I hope you get the feel for where I am going with it. Now I need to move to the baby’s room and have one more DIY project planned for his room that hopefully I can get to this week. Hopefully the little man’s room will not include mattress change outs and snakes!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Shopping!!



  1. Wow!!!!! Incredible!!!!! Stunning!!

  2. Michelle Thompson says:

    It looks beautiful! Rug looks fab and I love the bedskirt as well. Did you make it?

  3. Wow, that’s great. I did my 4yr olds room last summer and looked for a pink chevron rug with no luck. Glad to have your tip, as we will soon be moving to a new home and I’ll be painting again.
    I love your pink walls and will check out the color for sure. Pale pink can be tricky. I’m looking for a pale ballet pink. Yours might just work.
    For my daughter’s room I used a faux bamboo dresser and night stand, which I painted white. I made the bedding and fabric headboard in white bedding and a graphic dark pink print. The entire project was diy, with the exception of a killer cute mobile called the Dear Stella from the Pom Love etsy store. I also found the most amazing bed skirt at an estate sale, which was actually a handmade table cloth from the 60’s.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Girl, you rock. That is such a beautiful room– lucky Cici. I want to paint a rug now….

  5. Umm, what have you done with Kristen?! Painting things yourself?! I feel like a proud mama reading this! Way to go, raging preggo hormones!! It looks dope and I bet Cici is crazy excited about it.

  6. Okay — super small world! I am a Dallas blogger, who went to TCU, and have been on the search for the perfect pale pink!! I want mine for the Dining Room…and not so pink that hubs panics when he walks in. I’ve tried every swatch available…or so I thought…off to check out Apricot Ice! And nice to ‘meet’ you!!

    Can’t wait to dig through your archives bc your style looks to be right up my alley!!!

  7. I came over from LGN to find out more about the curtains! Adore the scalloped edge. I would love to know more!!

    The rug is perfection.

    • kkilianp says:

      Jessica, I just responded on LGN, but wanted to make sure I respond here too 🙂 So the curtains are actually matelasse bed covers. I loved the scalloped edges too! They were about $69/ panel at Dillards and then I just had them lined with black out lining since it was going in a childs room. I hung them with clips on curtain rods. Im glad you like the look!


  8. Where did you get the gold side table? Love that!!

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