January 19, 2012

Fresh Transformations..

This business is all about seeing the potential in found objects. Y’all would be shocked if you saw some of the places I frequent to find great pieces, and you may be appauled if you could see the shape they are in when I buy. So many of you are so creative and love furniture transformations like I do, so I thought I would give you some food for thought with pics of my favorite changes.

The first set of pics are from one of my favorite Facebook stores, Stuff: Vintage.  Check them out! Melissa is in the heart of vintage furniture country up in North Carolina so she usually has amazing pieces with amazing pedigrees!

Before from Stuff: Vintage

Before from Stuff: Vintage

An "After" from Stuff: Vintage

"After" from Stuff: Vintage


Stuff:Vintage Before

Stuff:Vintage Before

Stuff:Vintage "After"

Stuff:Vintage "After"

Stuff :Vintage "Before"


Stuff :Vintage "After"

For even more awesome transformations, check out  some of local retailer Rehab Design Studio’s transformations here. Eilene is amazingly talented at the actual transformation piece of the biz. Admittedly, I would rather cut my arm off than paint a piece of furniture, but she enjoys it and is so good at it.

Lastly, I have some images of Gypsy Soul Interiors pieces that have been transformed for clients. Notice I did not say “I” transformed, I love consulting on colors, but do not do the painting, so I cannot take credit 🙂 I can always direct you to the right person though if you are interested in having any pieces transformed. Not all of these photo’s have “befores” but hopefully you can get the idea from the “afters”.

Kelley's Chest After

Kelley's Chest After

Kristen's Dresser Before...


Kristen's Dresser After (Still have to put hardware back on).. If you love this color as much as I do, its Galapagos Turquoise from Benjamin Moore.


Gypsy Soul Interiors " After". This was the piece that began and ended my furniture painting career.


Dawn's Headboard "Before" ...

Dawn's Headboard "After". We had the legs raised, the open space filled in and obviously it was repainted..

Lastly, this is one of my favorite transformations. My client, Grace, found a campaign desk/ hutch at Scout Interiors painted it and added wallpaper to the back (all while pregnant with her 4th child)! I usually throw the top hutch away when I find these desks, but this makes me rethink that.

Grace's Desk "After"

Hope these pieces give you inspiration as you are out thrifting this weekend!

Happy Shopping!





  1. Love! So inspired by the desk, too– just sold a set with some great fretwork and brass details, and we want to steal this idea to bring it back to life!

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