January 12, 2012

Folding Screen = Happiness….

I have always had an obsession with vintage folding screens. I bought my first folding screen when I was living in Boston. It was black with a green and red chinoiserie pattern on it. Unfortunately, it ended up on the street with a “Kenny Loggins and Family” rug (story for another day), because I couldn’t take the screen with me to Cali when I left. Anyway, since then, I have always loved screens.

For some reason vintage screens evoke the thoughts of old Hollywood, or even older Manhattan elite. I think of the movie Auntie Mame when she is dressing behind a gorgeous silk screen. To me, folding screens are glamorous.

I also usually fall for the patterns on the screens. Many of them are painted with gorgeous scenes, some are made with beautiful vintage fabrics and others have intricate patterns as their frames.

Screens are versatile, but my favorite two uses are for headboards or behind buffets in dining areas. The ones I usually find are pretty reasonable and its a great way to make a huge statement on a smaller budget as far as a bed goes.

I recently decided to use this rattan one as Cici’s big girl headboard. I am not even planning on painting it. She needed something that had a more organic finish, but still looked like a little girl. You can see the pink paint color hell we have been in evidenced on the wall below.

As far as headboards, I also ran across this screen at the Tuesday Morning on Inwood yesterday. How amazing would this be as a headboard?  So tall and so chic! Cant get better than Chinese Chippendale styling.

While I was in White Elephant shopping for a client, I also ran into these beauties that would be amazing as headboards or used behind a great case piece.


And here are a few more I found used in pics online…

Blue Rattan Screen

Blue Rattan Screen


Chinoiserie Fabric Screen

Chinoiserie Fabric Screen


Folding Screen Headboard

Folding Screen Headboard


I wish I could find some pictures of screens behind buffets, but cant you just imagine how gorgeous it would be. A huge screen behind a lacquered credenza, two small French chairs flanking the piece with fabu lamps????


If you cant live without a vintage screen now, check out the 8 foot beauty I have for sale at Gypsy Soul Interiors. Initially, I was drawn to the shape and scale, but when I picked it up, the fabric pattern blew me away!




I even caught a glimpse of a screen used as a headboard on my favorite show “Parenthood” last night. Excuse the pic!

Hope you enjoy! Happy Shopping!





  1. I love all your images, seriously I’d given up on Tuesday Morning awhile back, it’s always such a hot mess in there and I was just coming up empty when I’d go in there, I love that screen! Oh and I love the set design on Parenthood!!

    • I know, I usually don’t buy anything at the big Inwood store, but now I’m regretting that I didnt get it. It is so cool! We also found a headboard for a client while I was there. Its worth checking out!

  2. Julia Cameron says:

    How much are you asking for the screen? And do you ship your pieces?

  3. Since you didn’t end up using the rattan one for Cici’s bedroom, is it for sale?

    **Crossing fingers!**

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