November 8, 2011

Kristen’s Design Work – Davis Home

I knew I would like Kerrie Davis the night I met her. We were discussing our part time careers and she mentioned that she wanted help with their new home in our ‘hood. In discussing her likes and dislikes, she said “anything but Tuscan Love”. Ahhhh, A girl after my own heart. The interesting part is that we had both purchased homes that were completely built by builders whose style aesthetic was Texas rustic with a Mediterranean flair. Kerrie was lucky enough to get to her builder in time to get a white kitchen with subway tiles. I was not so lucky, and thats a post for a later date. Anyone who has been to my house knows exactly what I mean. Its also the reason you will never see my kitchen until we completely renovate it.

We started first on Kerrie’s wonderful downstairs living area. She has an open floor plan that flows right from the kitchen into a breakfast room and then into the family room, which is also open to the entry. I’ve attached a before pic below. The space is truly amazing, but it did look a bit “high end builders special” before we started.

I love Kerrie as a client. She is brave. Sometimes you have to be brave to work with me. I love pattern, I love color, I purchase pieces at Salvation Army, and I am extremely decisive. Kerrie was ready to roll from the beginning (although I am still waiting for her to put a cowhide under the coffee table). She wanted an eclectic mix of styles, and needed it to work with the structural aspects of the home which weren’t changing. We planned the space first and decided she needed one large sofa and one small sofa. We chose to make custom sofas because we wanted a patterned slipcover that just isn’t readily available in showrooms. I also wanted to use a polyester velvet on the larger sofa, since the poly velvets are virtually indestructable. The Davis’  have  the worlds largest TV, and we needed to hide that sucker. The piece you can see in the left of the picture  above was housing the TV, and since the size worked, we just decided to paint it glossy grey and add some swanky chrome hardware. I use this hardware all the time, it is by far my fave of the moment. We saw a coffee table in a friends house and wanted to have one made to look similar. Kerrie was able to track down a travertine slab for the top and an iron worker to build the base, and voila we had a coffee table. That “voila” was actually a several month process trying to track down the artisans who were always running late or didn’t have the right equipment. Same goes for the custom sofas. 4 weeks always seems to turn into 4 months when you are dealing with creative types.

Our last piece of this puzzle was to find two tall wingbacks to flank the loveseat. I happened to run across two at a second hand store that were perfect! I had them at the White Elephant for a while, so some of you may recognize. We found a gorgeous turquiose velvet dot, and had those babies upholstered with skirts and they were stunning!!!

More pics of the transformation at the Davis home are below. Notice the gloss grey TV cabinet in the left corner of the first pic. So amazing what a coat of paint and some hardware will do!

Love the simplicity of the mantle decor. It really modernized the natural wood hearth.

Kerrie actually owns “Shades of Style” which is a custom window treatment company. We literally picked this fabric and she had these beauties up in a few days. Kerrie has over 10 years experience and her goal is to provide complete custom window solutions with quality materials including custom panels, draperies, shades, shutters, woven woods, blinds and modern roller shades. Email us if you would like Kerrie’s contact info.

We are currently working on the master bedroom and I cant wait to share the progress with all of you! And stay tuned, we will also be posting Ann Jane’s work in upcoming project posts.

Happy Shopping!!


PS- How great are these shots? One of my favorite photographers, Carrie Smith, of Carrie Smith Photography  did them all. She is also amazing at family shoots 🙂






  1. Danielle Hetrick says:

    Great job! Where did you find the fabric for the pillows- the honeycomb and the zig- zag? I love them!

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