September 7, 2011


Welcome to the Gypsy Soul Interiors website! I am so thankful to all of  you for our success this past year. I could never have dreamed that we would be here today, and will hopefully continue to grow in the future. This website will be equal parts design blog and vintage furniture marketplace. I am so lucky to have Ann Jane Cox contributing as both a designer for Gypsy Soul Interiors as well as a blogger. Ann Jane is one of those people that is talented at anything she touches. Many of you know her from her years as co-owner of Romper Runway here in Dallas. Ann Jane and I became fast friends several years ago when she contacted me to help decorate her home. The second I walked into her home I realized Ann Jane was also a crazy person. Her house was beyond perfect and made me realize I could learn a lot from her design expertise. We have such a mutual admiration for each others style. Our interior aesthetics are very similar and yet different enough to compliment each other. Ann Jane’s eloquent Southern charm, keen design eye, and knack for wordsmithing make her such an asset to Gypsy Soul Interiors. I can tell you that you will absolutely know her blog posts from mine. I have always been an artist and a math nerd, not a writer 🙂

My talent lies more in digging for treasures and styling homes using an eclectic mix of found pieces. I love showing all of you the amazing things you can do with vintage finds on a budget. I am a “quasi”  stay at home mom who is married to a complete penny pincher so I have to be creative. I also love the rush that comes from decorating using a piece from Salvation Army right next to a piece from Horchow (Finale, of course)! I will continue to update the website as new pieces come in. Many of you follow me on Facebook and know I post as soon as I get new items. If you see something you want, you can email me at  I will hold items for 24 hours, and if you decide to purchase, you will have 24 hours to set up payment arrangements. I will also be blogging weekly, and would love to hear any blog topic requests you may have.
Ann Jane and I are both offering decorating services. Our services begin as simple as an hour long consultation to put you on the right track with your space, to full service design. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Stay tuned, we will also be offering a “launch special” in the next week with a significantly discounted hour long consultation rate! Space will be limited for the promotion.
Obviously, this website is new and we will likely be working out the glitches for a while. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the site, and bear with us until we get used to this new platform. Most of all, thanks for reading and thank you for being such great customers.
Kristen Dowd
Gypsy Soul Interiors – Owner


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